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Date: April 28, 2015

Obama Warns of Anti-Globalization Sentiment in Both Parties

(Source: Bloomberg) –  President Barack Obama said the rising anti-globalization sentiment in factions of both political parties risks a withdrawal by the U.S. from global economic competition and stymied growth.

Obama, speaking Monday in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, cited opposition to free trade deals by some Democrats and attempts by Republicans to cut the Export-Import Bank as evidence.

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In Every City In America There Are People Ready To Riot, Loot And Set Things On Fire

(Video, Source: Economic Collapse Blog) – The city of Baltimore has been transformed into an “absolute war zone“, and the governor of Maryland has declared a state of emergency as the rioting in “Charm City” continues to escalate.  The funeral for Freddie Gray has unleashed a firestorm of violence, and none of it is going to do anyone any good.  To their credit, some of the leaders of the African-American community are standing up and loudly condemning the violence.  They know that smashing cars, throwing rocks at police and looting stores is not going to solve anything.  But just like we saw in Ferguson, there are lots of people out there that are ready to riot, loot and set things on fire at the drop of a hat – all they need is an opportunity.  The social decay that has been eating away at the foundations of our society for generations is now manifesting in some very ugly ways.  We have raised an entire generation of young people in a “value free” environment, and now we are getting to experience some of the consequences of our foolishness.  And what we are witnessing in Baltimore right now is just the start.  Eventually, we are going to see scenes like this all over the nation.

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‘Protesting Violence With Violence’: Black Leader Cites Godless ‘Thugs’ for Baltimore Riots

(Source: Christian News) – A prominent black Christian leader who works with youth is decrying the Baltimore riots that destroyed parts of the city on Monday, and is calling upon the nation to address the spiritual and domestic root of the problem instead of fueling unnecessary racial tension.

Businesses throughout Baltimore went up in flames last night after protesters broke out in an angry rampage throughout the streets following the funeral of Freddy Gray, a 25-year-old with a long rap sheet who died earlier this month from spinal injuries following an arrest.

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Capital Controls Arrive: Greece Begins Confiscating Deposits Of “Small Debtors”

(Source: Alt-Market) – Last week, the Greek government issued a decree which called for local governments to transfer excess cash to the central bank so that Athens would be able to pay pensions, salaries, and the IMF. The move is expected to raise as much as €2 billion to help keep the country afloat while the country’s “amateurish, time-wasting gambler” of a FinMin feebly attempts to find some kind of middle ground with his EU counterparts and as PM Tsipras pulls out all the stops including the old EU Summit sideline end-around with Merkel and the wild card energy gas pipeline advance from Gazprom (which may portend the dreaded “Russian pivot”).
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Does the TTIP and TPP Signal the Rise of the One World Government?

(Source: From The Trenches) – In his book, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, John Perkins pulls back the curtain to reveal how exactly the globalization machinery works. The signing of the TTIP and TPP treaties create the framework for a one world government.

Gone are the days of freedom and democracy as the American oligarchy have created the conditions for the rise of worldwide corporatocracy.
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Schlafly warns America ‘may be at a breaking point already’

(Source: WND) – Only eight short years from now, immigrants will make up a record-high 14.8 percent of the total U.S. population, and longtime conservative leader Phyllis Schlafly views the rising tide of newcomers as a purposeful attack on the country.

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Diabetes drug metformin linked with intersex freshwater fish

(Source: UPI) – As the rate of diabetes skyrockets in the United States, so too are prescriptions for the drugs that treat the blood sugar disorder. One of the most common Type II diabetes medication is metformin.

But metformin isn’t just being found on pharmacy shelves and private medicine cabinets. It’s also increasingly showing up in freshwater systems. Now, new research suggests it could be to blame for intersex fish.

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Iran insists Israel ‘give up the bomb’ as Tehran seeks nuclear-free Middle East

(Source: RT) – Iran has demanded that Israel give up its “nuclear weapons”, as it spoke on behalf of the 120-nation Non-Aligned Movement. Iran’s Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif said the bloc also wants a nuclear free-zone in the Middle East.

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America’s new LGBT envoy

(Source: Politico) – When officials at the State Department began mulling the notion of creating a special LGBT envoy, there was some trepidation.

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