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Question 1:

Name: Lance
Question: Hello. This question has been in my mind forever. When the bible speaks about angels doing battle, such as when Michael and his Angels fighting with satan and his angels in the first earth age, the question comes to mind as to how do they fight? With weapons? Hand to hand combat? A battle of knowledge? Your help would be appreciated.


Name: Brandon T. Ward
Question: Lance, great question thank you.

We know in The First Earth Age there was no flesh, only us in our true bodies which are our spiritual bodies which never get sick, old or die. So a battle in those times was one of Satan and his wicked angels winning a battle of souls if you will. Ultimately, getting people in The First Earth Age to leave God’s side and join Satan’s.

Things have not changed a whole lot. That is still the goal of Satan, to take as many with him to the grave as possible. Satan probably thinks God is going to change His mind and not destroy Satan, but he is greatly mistaken.In this present age of flesh there will not be a physical battle either. The battle will be of our own will, a spiritual battle that will again decide who will follow God and who will follow Satan.

Concerning the battle in Heaven, when God tells Michael to cast Satan to the earth there will be no scuffle, God is in control and what He says goes period (Revelation 12:7-9).



Question 2:

Name: Charles
Question: Is the sin of murder forgiven on earth or only when you die and come before JESUS? I think I rmemeber Pastor Murray saying there was no forgiveness for murder while in the flesh. It would be jusged when you come before Christ.


Name: Brandon T. Ward
Question: Charles, thank you for the question.

It looks like you have nailed this one already. Let us document it in the scriptures for everyone. Please turn your Bible with me to,

Leviticus 24:17
17 “And he that killeth any man shall surely be put to death.”

That is written pretty plain and simple for all to understand. If someone murders, that means with malintent in their heart that would require death in the flesh. Take a look at the Ten Commandments and note the word “kill” in your Strong’s Concordance and you will note it means “murder”. There is a big difference between killing and murdering someone. Remember, God Himself commanded His people through the ages to kill certain people, so we know there are times when it is justified.

I want to make certain everyone understands the difference between malintent and self defense or even an accident. God knows our hearts and there is no sin in killing to protect your family if that was your only option in a life or death situation.


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