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Stagecraft: ISIS Video ‘Execution’ of Ethiopians in Libya Appears Fake

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WEB Notes: Of course these videos are fake, but most people will never bring their mind there because they have been conditioned to believe if it is on TV it must be true.

(Video, Source: Global Research) – A newly released ISIS video allegedly depicts some 30 Ethiopians being ‘executed’ in two separate locations in Libya. 

However, one should take note, that this highly produced propaganda video – fails to provide any conclusive, or remotely credible evidence of a crime scene.

The terror installment said to have been carried out by ISIS militants entitled, “Until There Came to Them Clear Evidence,” was reportedly released by Al-Furqan Media, a media arm linked to the notorious Al-Hayat Media Center, the official media outlet for all sanctioned ISIS propaganda.

Once again, we see a terror motion picture which has been produced for dramatic effect, another work of deception – designed to create an emotional response within the viewer, rather than a rational one. – Read More – Global Research


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  1. Very courageous of Mr.Engdahl to say what he said in the video, about Isis being a false flag operation by US and Israeli intelligence. You know what bothers me the most about this, and maybe I shouldn’t say it, but I’m gonna….It’s not so much that the general public believes all this geo-political chicanery, as Brandon said that’s what they’ve been trained to do..believe whatever’s on tv. What bothers me is that there are a large number of folks who’ve been taught about the 4 hidden dynasties yet they still can’t recognize or perceive this as what it is. I feel this is in large measure due to the fact that there are still people out there who are in confusion as to who the Kenites are, even though they’ve been taught. Makes me want to, in a very Christian, “tough love” way, SHAKE THEM!! Well, their shaking is coming.

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