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Date: May 4, 2015

20.7% of Jobs in Baltimore Are Government Jobs to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 20.7 percent of the nonfarm jobs in the City of Baltimore in March were government jobs.

Source: 20.7% of Jobs in Baltimore Are Government Jobs

Australia First to Introduce a Compulsory Tax on Money Itself

WEB Notes: Another article on this subject from an Australian media outlet: “Budget 2015: Federal Government set to introduce tax on bank deposits, Labor accuses Tony Abbott of backflipping on election promise

(Source: Armstrong Economics) – The new compulsory control is already provided for in the 2015 Australian budget. So that everyone who has any savings must pay taxes on on their savings. The measure is expected to serve as a global test balloon for Europe and North America will watch the outcome in Australia. If there will be no massive resistance of Australian savers, the rest of the world should expect this outright confiscation very rapidly.

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Heavy clashes in Aden airport, alliance accused of cluster bomb use

(Source: Yahoo) – Local fighters battling the rebel Houthi militia in Yemen’s port of Aden stormed areas around the airport on Sunday in an operation supervised by the Saudi-led coalition, which also provided air support, the group’s spokesman said.

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Anti-Police Protest in Israel Turns Violent

WEB Notes: Civil unrest continues to sweep across the globe.

(Source: NY Times) – A protest on Sunday by thousands of Ethiopian-Israelis and sympathizers against police harassment and brutality turned by nightfall into a chaotic and unusually violent confrontation with the police in the center of Tel Aviv.

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