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Date: May 18, 2015

ISIS Holds Massive Military Parade in West Anbar Celebrating Victory in Ramadi

WEB Notes: So “ISIS” holds a military parade and the US and coalition forces did not bomb it. Why? Because you do not bomb your friends that’s why. Take a look at the images in this post. Look at the images of those mud covered trucks. Where exactly did mud come from in the desert? Notice mud covered windows on the side and front of the vehicle with only enough visibility to drive. Friend’s that is not how you fight in a war, this is all for show plain and simple.

Also notice this display of a “military” consisting of mini trucks and a few AK-47s just destroyed the Iraq military who has been trained and funded by the US for 10 years. Is anyone really buying this propaganda?

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Bible Verse of the Day – Ephesians 4:14-15

Verse-of-the-DayBible Verse of the Day and Thoughts

Ephesians 4:14
14 “That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive;”

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The Debt To GDP Ratio For The Entire World: 286 Percent

(Source: Economic Collapse Blog) – Did you know that there is more than $28,000 of debt for every man, woman and child on the entire planet?  And since close to 3 billion of those people survive on less than 2 dollars a day, your share of that debt is going to be much larger than that.  If we took everything that the global economy produced this year and everything that the global economy produced next year and used it to pay all of this debt, it still would not be enough.  According to a recent report put out by the McKinsey Global Institute entitled “Debt and (not much) deleveraging“, the total amount of debt on our planet has grown from 142 trillion dollars at the end of 2007 to 199 trillion dollars today.  This is the largest mountain of debt in the history of the world, and those numbers mean that we are in substantially worse condition than we were just prior to the last financial crisis.

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Iraq’s Anbar in ‘total collapse’, on brink of falling to Islamic State

WEB Notes: Remember these are the same Iraq Security forces that were trained and funded by the US. Now they are being defeated by who? “ISIS.” Who is ISIS funded by? Western Governments.

(Source: Yahoo) – Islamic State militants claimed full control of the western Iraqi city of Ramadi on Sunday in the biggest defeat for the Baghdad government since last summer.

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Martin Armstrong Warns Of The Coming Crash Of All Crashes

(Source: ZeroHedge) – Why are governments rushing to eliminate cash?

During previous recoveries following the recessionary declines, the central banks were able to build up their credibility and ammunition so to speak by raising interest rates during the recovery. This time, ever since we began moving toward Transactional Banking with the repeal of Glass Steagall in 1999, banks have looked at profits rather than their role within the economic landscape.

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Nigerian restaurant shut down for serving human flesh

(Source: Daily Mail) – A Nigerian restaurant has reportedly been shut down for cooking human flesh and serving it to customers.

The police were tipped off by locals who suspected something horrific was taking place inside the kitchen.

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Leading German Keynesian Economist Calls For Cash Ban

(Source: ZeroHedge) – It’s official: the world has gone central-planner crazy.

Monetary policy, whether in the form of “conventional” methods such as the micromanagement of policy rates or so-called “unconventional” measures such as QE, has proven utterly ineffective when it comes to both “smoothing out” the business cycle and reigniting economic growth in the wake of severe downturns. If anything, recent history has shown the exact opposite to be true.

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Civil Liberties Group DEMANDING Air Force Two-Star General Be Court Martialed!

(Source: Allan West) – Military Times Reports The Following:

An Air Force two-star general is being blasted by a civil liberties group for speaking in uniform about how God has guided his career.

Video posted on YouTube shows Maj. Gen. Craig Olson speaking at a National Day of Prayer Task Force event May 7. In the speech, Olson refers to himself as a “redeemed believer in Christ,” who credits God for his accomplishments in the Air Force.

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