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Date: May 22, 2015

Bible Verse of the Day – 2 Chronicles 33:10-13

Verse-of-the-DayBible Verse of the Day and Thoughts

2 Chronicles 33:10-13
10 “And the Lord spake to Manasseh, and to his people: but they would not hearken.”

11 “Wherefore the Lord brought upon them the captains of the host of the king of Assyria, which took Manasseh among the thorns, and bound him with fetters, and carried him to Babylon.”
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Bible Question, Answer and Discussion for 5-22-2015

Bible Question and Answer
Welcome to our bi-weekly post where we provide Bible verses, answers and advice to the questions and concerns you have. During the course of the last two weeks readers have submitted their questions and today we are going to answer one of them. So please join us and feel free to chime in on the discussion in the comments section below this post.
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Vatican Appointee Says Gay Sex Can Express Christ’s ‘Self-Gift’

WEB Notes: Perversion has now reached epic levels. We have so called houses of God marrying homosexuals, we have so called teachers of God’s Word “marring” those of the same sex and we have so called teachers of God’s Word who are homosexuals and claim being a homosexual is a way of expressing Christ’s self gift. Did you ever think you would live in a such a time? Especially a time and a place as the United States? A nation founded on the principals of Christianity? Turn your Bible with me to,

Matthew 7:13
13 “Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:”

Are there a few, no many, most will enter at the broad gate because it is easy, it is the lazy man’s way. Those who do not want to seek our God’s Letter to see what He thinks about all of these things.

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Senate advances fast-track TPP trade bill sought by Obama

WEB Notes: More globalism, but what else do we expect considering the hour in which we are in?

(Source: Reuters) – President Barack Obama on Thursday moved closer to winning the power to speed trade deals through the U.S. Congress when the Senate advanced legislation important to his Asian trade push.

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Robert Gates: Boy Scouts’ ban on gay adult leaders not sustainable

WEB Notes: What signs we have my friends, what signs we have! Look at the organizations and religious institutions already turning on God before a Supreme Court decision comes down on homosexual marriage. Read this Godless man’s quote below. We make a stand for God no matter how popular it is with the world. We do not cower to the demands of men if it gets in the way of our Father’s Letter. Do not sit down like so many in the world are doing, you keep standing strong for your Father no matter what the situation is. Christ has promised you a crown of life, ensure you claim it (James 1:12)!

(Source: Yahoo) – The Boy Scouts of America must reverse its longstanding policy of excluding gay adult leaders or risk unfavorable legal decisions that could doom the historic organization, its president, Robert Gates, warned his group’s national leadership Thursday.

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Orrin Hatch on Trade Bill: ‘I Don’t Know Fully What’s in TPP Myself’

WEB Notes: What are you voting on a bill for if you do not know what is in it? Now think about all the rioting that has been going on lately over race relations. Look how smart the children of Satan are able to distract the public’s attention. All these fools rioting would be better off paying attention to what is going on in the government and protest them instead of fighting each other and wrecking their own towns.

(Source: Breitbart) – Ironically, Hatch also admits he doesn’t know what is in the TPP deal, while at the same time he objects to the push for more transparency prior to any crucial votes.

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ISIL Captures Last Syria-Controlled Border Crossing With Iraq

(Source: Sputnik) – Militants from the self-proclaimed Islamic State terrorist group have gained control of the last secure checkpoint along the Syria-Iraq border, according to monitoring groups on the ground.

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Referendum in Ireland Could Complete a Rapid Shift on Same-Sex Marriage

(Source: NY Times) – In 1993, Ireland was among the last countries in the Western World to decriminalize homosexuality. Some 22 years later, it could become the first to legalize same-sex marriages by popular vote.

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300 trillion suns: NASA finds brightest galaxy to date… shining from 12.5bn years ago

WEB Notes: Space contains nothing but absolute chaos, yet our own solar system is in perfect harmony. Is this an accident? Of course not, it the design of our Father in Heaven.

(Source: RT) – NASA astronomers have discovered the most luminous galaxy in space so far which shines with the light of more than 300 trillion suns. It is also believed to have a behemoth black hole in its center, responsible for the brightness.

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25.7 million foreign workers in U.S job market

WEB Notes: These numbers all come from the BLS. They claim unemployment stands around 5-6%. Yet, they admit over 93,000,000 people are not in the labor force. Remember the US population stands around 320,000,000 so how can the unemployment rate be this low? Lies and more lies.

(Source: WSJ) – The unemployment rate for foreign-born workers in the U.S. fell to 5.6% in 2014 from 6.9% in 2013, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Thursday, reflecting the overall firming up of the labor market last year.

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