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Bank of America: Markets Are in a ‘Twilight Zone’ and It’s Time to Hold More Cash and Gold

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WEB Notes: Always ensure you are prepared for any event in life. Article of interest, “Preparing Our Households for the Tribulation“.

(Source: Bloomberg) – In a note sent out this morning, Bank of America Merrill Lynch has a warning for investors:

Investors remain trapped in “The Twilight Zone”, the transition period between the end of QE and the first rate hike by the Fed, the start of policy normalization…until (a) the US economy is unambiguously robust enough to allow the Fed to hike and (b) the Fed’s exit from zero rates is seen not to cause either a market or macro shock (as it infamously did in 1936-7), the investment backdrop will likely continue to be cursed by mediocre returns, volatile trading rotation, correlation breakdowns and flash crashes. For this reason we continue to advocate higher than normal levels of cash, adding gold and owning volatility in mid 2015. Given extremities of liquidity, profits, technological disruption, regulation, income inequality…potential for a cleansing drop in asset prices cannot be dismissed. Most likely catalysts: Consumer, Rates, A-shares, Speculation, High Yield.

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  1. So now what is the catch. The banks say not to put money in them and to horde cash and gold, that will get people to take all their money out of banks. You know they are not looking out for your best interest so they must have a plan to hurt everyone. We know they are outlawing cash everywhere, so if you do take your money out of a bank it will be useless and you probably won’t be able to put it back into a bank. I see the catch there, but what about gold, you already cannot use gold as money so I guess that trap sprang years ago. I feel like I am missing something here, the trap must be larger but I’m not seeing it. Stock up on everything you can get your hands on and be ready to barter, I heard they are outlawing bartering too though, because they can’t tax it. I’m sure they have thought of all the angles. Do what you can and hand the rest over to God.

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