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Date: June 22, 2015

Karl Rove: Only Way To Stop The Violence Is To Repeal Second Amendment

WEB Notes: I am sure that would do it. All of the bad guys will say, ‘the laws have changed boys let’s turn in out illegal firearms’. Give me a break, this is about controlling the American people. Guns do not kill people, people kill people. If not a gun it will be a knife, if not a knife some other object will be used.

(Source: Daily Caller) – Republican strategist Karl Rove said on “Fox News Sunday” the only way to stop gun-related violence, like the Wednesday massacre at Emmanuel African Methodist Church in Charleston S.C., was to repeal American citizens’ Second Amendment rights.

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Pentagon confirms ISIS ‘dirty bomb’ claims

WEB Notes: You cannot just pull radioactive material out of a container and make a bomb. This whole ISIS story is such propaganda. It has been reported that ISIS has their own oil refineries, they can operate dams and now build nuclear weapons. How can the American people not see the cloud of lies? This is absolutely absurd.

(Source: WND) – The Pentagon has confirmed to WND that the Islamic State has seized enough radioactive materials from captured Iraqi facilities to develop “dirty bombs,” just as ISIS’ recent English-language magazine, Dabiq, claimed.

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Pope says weapons manufacturers can’t call themselves Christian

WEB Notes: Climate change last week now gun manufacturers this week. Of course this would include anyone who owns a firearm as well in his opinion. There is nothing wrong with defending your family and yourself, this is all about control. 

(Source: Yahoo) – People who manufacture weapons or invest in weapons industries are hypocrites if they call themselves Christian, Pope Francis said on Sunday.

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EU extends economic sanctions against Russia for 6 months – official

(Source: RT) – The European Union has extended economic sanctions against Russian for a further six months, an EU official said. This follows the EU’s decision Friday to extend sanctions against Crimea for another year.

The decision to extend the sanctions against Russia was announced by the EU Council’s press officer for foreign affairs, Susanne Kiefer.

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Philippines starts war games with US, Japan today

(Source: PhiStar) – The Philippines will start today simultaneous naval drills with its longtime ally the United States and former wartime enemy Japan amid China’s aggressive expansion in the West Philippine Sea.

Both exercises will be held in Palawan, the province nearest to the disputed Spratlys, a potentially oil- and gas-rich chain of islands, sand bars, reefs and shoals being claimed in whole or in part by the Philippines, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan.

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Deep M6.5 earthquake registered near Ndoi Island, Fiji


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