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Date: July 4, 2015

Greek banks prepare plan to raid deposits to avert collapse

WEB Notes: “Haircuts” just like what happened to Cyrus only in Greece it will be worse. “Depositors” or let us just say what the word means, citizens of Greece will have at least 30% of their bank account confiscated in order to save the banks. If you miss a house payment do you think all of the banks will chip in to save you? Absolutely not. This is more documentation that the powers of the world want to break the common man and they are doing a fine job at that.

Source: FT | Greek banks are preparing contingency plans for a possible “bail-in” of depositors amid fears the country is heading for financial collapse, bankers and businesspeople with knowledge of the measures said on Friday.

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Iran nuclear talks in endgame, negotiators push on sticking points & MORE

WEB Notes: In the past we have seen deadlines extended for months and months at a time. This time around they extended it for seven days. Now they are saying until Tuesday. I am not saying a deal or no deal will happen by Tuesday, I am simply pointing out the negotiating window appears to be getting smaller now. Meaning we are closing in on the end of these negotiations or so it appears. And yes below is another article about bunker buster bombs being readied for Iran.

Iran nuclear talks in endgame, negotiators push on sticking points

Source: Yahoo | A year and half of nuclear talks between Iran and major powers were creeping toward the finish line on Friday as negotiators wrestled with sticking points including questions about Tehran’s past atomic research.

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IS Egyptian Affiliate Claims It Fired 3 Rockets Into Israel & MORE

WEB Notes: ISIS all over the globe and how do they manage to raise so much funds in order to fund their operations? By the governments of the world of course.

IS Egyptian Affiliate Claims It Fired 3 Rockets Into Israel

Source: VOA | Islamic State’s affiliate in Egypt is claiming responsibility for three rockets fired Friday into southern Israel from Sinai.

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U.S-Venezuela talks began at Maduro’s request, official says

Source: Fuel Fix | Relations between the countries have been tense since the late President Hugo Chavez, a socialist who regularly blamed the U.S. for plotting against his country, took office in 1999. Now, with inflation soaring, store shelves bare of many basic goods and the country’s currency tumbling ahead of legislative elections, antagonizing the U.S. and prompting more sanctions may no longer be a vote winner.

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Let’s Make a Deal: Mega-Mergers Drive M&A Frenzy

WEB Notes: While we have governments striving for peace, we also have a consolidation of large corporations. This makes it much easier to control.

Source: ABC  | Deal makers from New York to London had a busy first half of the year, and mega-mergers drove the frenzy.

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Cop Accidentally Shoots 4-Year-Old, Walks Away Without Helping

Source: SHTFplan | On June 19th, an accidental shooting involving a police officer was reported in Whitehall, Ohio. The officer was responding to an unrelated case, when a girl rushed over to him from a house down the street. Her sister Ava had been badly injured by a broken piece of glass, and was hoping the officer could help her. He decided to investigate the situation before calling an ambulance. Once inside, the family dog apparently charged at him, causing him to open fire on the dog. But instead of hitting the animal, he accidentally struck Ava in the leg (She’s currently in stable condition, and is recovering from her injuries).

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