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Date: July 14, 2015

Greek leader’s debt deal ignites revolt at home from austerity’s opponents & MORE

Greek leader’s debt deal ignites revolt at home from austerity’s opponents

Source: WP | But by late Monday, it was becoming clear that the bailout that could save his nation might also cost him his job.

Tsipras had acceded far more than simple austerity, agreeing to what may amount to a fire sale of Greek utilities — or even plots of land on its famed islands — to help repay its debt. Coming from a man once seen as a leftist maverick who had pledged to free Greece from the shackles of financial injustice, the decision to surrender to European demands immediately sparked an insurrection within the unlikely ruling coalition of the far-left and the populist right. – Read More – WP



It Starts: Greeks Rebel Against Bailout, Risk Collapse

Source: Dave Stockman | Greece’s union of civil servants, Adedly, called for a 24-hour strike on Wednesday, and for a series of demonstrations, the first one tonight at Syntagma Square, just below the Parliament, and another one on Wednesday evening, when Parliament is expected to vote on the new, even tougher, and immensely hated bailout package.

The union for local government employees, Poe-Ota, also called for a 24-hour strike on Wednesday, the AFP reported. Two other demonstrations against austerity and the “euro” are planned for Monday night, one organized via social networks, the other by Antarsya, an anti-euro party that didn’t make it into Parliament. – Read More – Dave Stockman

Evangelical Hope College to Offer ‘Marriage’ Benefits to Homosexual Employees

WEB Notes: You cannot be a Christian college or church and teach contrary to the Word of God. It simply does not line up.

Source: Christian News | Officials at a Christian college in Michigan state that they will now extend “marriage” benefits to their homosexual employees following the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling declaring that all 50 states must legalize same-sex nuptials.

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Boy Scouts of America moves to stop banning gay troop leaders

WEB Notes: Look at the news headlines of our time my friends. There is no doubt the world from a Christian perspective is spinning out of control.

Source: TruNews | The Boy Scouts of America announced Monday that its Executive Council had voted unanimously to let local organizations select adult leaders without regard to sexual orientation, a move that would open the door to gay and bisexual troop leaders.

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Historic: Six World Powers Agree to Deal With Iran & More

WEB Notes: Exciting times we live in my friends. Yesterday a “deal” with Greece was struck by the International Community that will “save” them from economic collapse. Yet, the deal did nothing to actually save the country itself, it will only enslave them further. In addition, the “deal” is not complete as it has not been adopted by Greece itself. How does this related to the “deal” six world powers just agreed too with Iran? First off Daniel 8 jumps right out and while we know the scriptures there are not talking about these events we need to take note as both nations are mentioned there and at this hour it should perk our ears right up. Greece and Iran are both in the news a day a part with respect to historic events, coincidence? I do not think so and Daniel 8 gives us some signs right before the appearance of Satan himself. I think we should all take note of this and open the scriptures and read over Daniel 8 once again. With respect to the deal it will keep Iran from producing enough material to create a nuclear bomb for ten years with inspections being conducted by the international community including military sites. In return world powers will lift the sanctions that have been imposed on Iran. Obama has already said he welcomes debate from the US Congress, but will veto their attempt to block passage of the bill which will effectively remove sanctions on Iran. Your president sounds like a pretty agreeable guy. Take note here this agreement along with the Greece deal both came from world powers. These are all peace talks, peace talks that appear to be taking shape, but they will not hold true or last. How can we be so sure? Because our Father’s Word has already stated as much.

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