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Date: July 24, 2015

Turkish jets strike ISIS targets in Syria ‘without violating airspace’

WEB Notes: How exactly do you carry out a strike across the border without violating a sovereign nations airspace? Who buys these lines, seriously? I want everyone to recall we posted an article early July titled, “Turkey ‘planning to invade Syria’“. It appears as though that moment has now arrived.

Source: RT | Turkey’s air force has conducted airstrikes on Syrian territory, hitting three Islamic State targets, according to the prime minister’s office. The cross-border strike was reportedly carried out without violating Syrian airspace.

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Dictators and Billionaires Demand Creation of UN Tax Agency

Source: The New American | As globalist forces and the international institutions they control openly prepare to plunder humanity’s wealth, Third World dictators and tax-funded “civil society” groups have stepped up their demands for a United Nations tax authority — supposedly to ensure that they all get their “fair share” of the loot from Western taxpayers and businesses. The coalition to create the proposed UN tax regime includes more than 130 national governments and dictatorships involved in the G77, which recently demanded a “New World Order to Live Well,” along with various shadowy front groups funded by the European Union and globalist billionaires such as Bill Gates. Key elements of the plot were unsuccesful, this time, but the global-tax agenda and those pushing it are not going away any time soon — and they did manage to create “Tax Inspectors Without Borders.”

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Commodities Collapsed Just Before The Last Stock Market Crash – So Guess What Is Happening Right Now?

WEB Notes: It is very similar to what happened in 2008. A collapse will be no shock to most who frequent this site, the timing is the only question. Things could all rebound from here and be okay for another six months, year or two, but I doubt it. The important thing is to take note and prepare; physically (get your body into gear), mentally (consider what a true economic collapse will look like and how it will affect you) and spiritually (ensure you are closely connected with our Father). When we say prepare is it an overall thing, all encompassing, it does not mean being a hoarder, but ensure you have the items needed to sustain your household and some to spare as well. You see our preparation is not so much for the economic collapse, our preparation is for the coming of the false messiah.

Source: Economic Collapse Blog | If we were going to see a stock market crash in the United States in the fall of 2015 (to use a hypothetical example), we would expect to see commodity prices begin to crash a few months ahead of time.  This is precisely what happened just before the great financial crisis of 2008, and we are watching the exact same thing happen again right now.  On Wednesday, commodities got absolutely pummeled, and at this point the Bloomberg Commodity Index is down a whopping 26 percent over the past twelve months.  When global economic activity slows down, demand for raw materials sinks and prices drop.  So important global commodities such as copper, iron ore, aluminum, zinc, nickel, lead, tin and lumber are all considered to be key “leading indicators” that can tell us a lot about where things are heading next.  And what they are telling us right now is that we are rapidly approaching a global economic meltdown.

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U.S. Jets to Use Turkish Bases in War on ISIS

WEB Notes: If the US was really at war with ISIS the US would have completely destroyed ISIS in less than a week. I do not think people really understand the capabilities of the US military. The technology this nation possess is absolutly amazing. ISIS is said to have bases, oil refineries etc all over the middle east. Those are hard targets that could be destroyed instantly, yet they are not. We have to use a little common sense here folks and think things through with our own minds. Why is the US suddenly going to use a Turkish base? For the same reason Turkey is now launching attacks into Syria. Who is the target, ISIS or Syria…

Source: NY Times | Turkey plunged into the fight against the Islamic State on Thursday, rushing forces into the first direct combat with its militants on the Syrian border and granting permission for American warplanes to use two Turkish air bases for bombarding the group in Syria.

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Forget Recession: According To Caterpillar There Is A Full-Blown Global Depression

Source: From The Trenches | Summarizing it all, after an increasingly shallower series of dead CAT bounces in the past year, first thanks to Latin America, and then the US, global retail sales just dropped by 14% – marching the biggest Y/Y decline since the financial crisis.

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JPMorgan Chase Closes at All-Time High – As Financial Crises Sprout Like ‘08

Source: Wall Street on Parade | From the looks of JPMorgan’s share price, one would think the financial world is bathing in a sea of tranquility rather than experiencing crashing commodity prices, tremors in the Eurozone, Canada acknowledging two quarters of contraction, ruptures in China’s stock markets, and energy and mining junk bonds losing 20 to 30 percent in a month.

JPMorgan’s share price hit an all-time closing high of $70.08 yesterday. The scary thing is, JPMorgan’s stock had a run from $32 to $42 just one month before Lehman Brothers blew up in 2008, marking the beginning of the biggest financial crash since the Great Depression; and there had been a year of financial warnings prior to that. (So much for global bank share prices being a bellwether on global financial stability.) Once the 2008 crash was clearly underway, JPMorgan shareholders saw 70 percent of their share price evaporate in a six-month stretch ending in March 2009.

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New Transgender Guidelines Will Allow Boys to Play On Girls Sports Teams

Source: From The Trenches | Various entities across New York could earn a gold medal in gymnastics for all the back-bending they’re doing to accommodate transgender students.

Particularly concerning are new guidelines to be voted on later this month, which would allow boys to play on girls sports teams and vice-versa.

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‘Life Has Stopped:’ 70 Niger Churches Struggle to Rebuild After Islamist Revenge Rampage for Charlie Hebdo Cartoons

Source: Christian Post | Christian churches in Niger are facing a lack of resources and difficult conditions in rebuilding six months after the wave of angry Islamist attacks destroyed at least 70 houses of worship in revenge for Charlie Hebdo’s drawings of the Muslim prophet Muhammad.

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Obama faces political minefield during Kenyan ‘homecoming’

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‘Astonishing’: Oldest Biblical Text Since Dead Sea Scrolls Discovered in Israel

Source: Christian News – American and Israeli archaeologists and researchers have announced that they have deciphered what they believe is the oldest biblical text discovered since the finding of the Dead Sea scrolls.

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