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Date: September 7, 2015

Free Kim Davis Petition

WEB Notes: I will tell you I am not a big fan of petitions, they can be used for mischievous purposes. However, in this case, this is supporting a fellow Christian and if I were in her shoes I would want everyone to do what they could to release me from jail as well.

If you are looking to attend a rally in support of her, Politico reported some of the rally’s are taking place outside of the jail where she is located. If you use social media and you have information about a current rally please leave a comment with that information as it will assist others in their support efforts. Thank You.

Jailed Kentucky clerk Kim Davis files appeal for freedom

Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk who refuses to issue same-sex marriage licenses due to her religious convictions, appealed her jail sentence.

Source: Jailed Kentucky clerk Kim Davis files appeal for freedom –

The Elite Have Prepared For The Coming Collapse – Have You?

Source: Economic Collapse Blog | Why are the global elite buying extremely remote compounds that come with their own private airstrips in the middle of nowhere on the other side of the planet?  And why did they start dumping stocks like crazy earlier this year?  Do they know something that the rest of us don’t?  The things that I am about to share with you are quite alarming.  It appears that the global elite have a really good idea of what is coming, and they have already taken substantial steps to prepare for it.  Sadly, most of the general population is absolutely clueless about the financial collapse that is about to take place, and thus most of them will be completely blindsided by it.

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The Numbers Are In: China Dumps A Record $94 Billion In US Treasurys In One Month

On Monday we got the official data from China and sure enough, we find out that the PBoC liquidated around $94 billion in reserves during the month of August and as Goldman argues (see below), the “real” figure might have been closer to $115 billion. Whatever the case, it’s a staggering burn rate and needless to say, were the PBoC to continue to liquidate its assets at this pace, it would necessitate a raft of RRR cuts and hundreds of billions in short-term liquidity ops to ensure that money market don’t seize up in the face of the liquidity drain.

Source: The Numbers Are In: China Dumps A Record $94 Billion In US Treasurys In One Month | Zero Hedge

What Will It Take To Set Off Your Alarm Bells?

Source: Project Chesapeake  | What does it take to make you sit up and take notice of the problems surrounding society today? What will it take to make you respond to the many crises taking place today? You have eyes so you can see and ears so you can hear but for many people any negative news is a reason to tune out the world and only think good thoughts.

The problems we face continue to pile up and doing nothing is not an option if you expect to survive the next few years in tact. Prior planning and execution of a plan is now required to stay out of the flood zone when the dam breaks and everyone starts to drown. It does not matter what kind of person you are. You have to be able to save yourself before you have the ability to help others including your own family.

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Church-State Separation Group Demands School Remove God from Government Class

WEB Notes: I know it is commonly taught there is a separation of church and state, but this is simply not true. People claim the Constitution documents this separation of church and state and that proof of it can be found within the first amendment of the Constitution so let us read it.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” – Amendment I

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Very deep M6.1 earthquake registered south of Fiji

Shallow M6.0 earthquake registered south of Kermadec Islands, New Zealand

Massive fireball from space witnessed in Thailand, explosions heard (VIDEO)

Source: RT

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Cameron to urge military action against ISIS in Syria, UK to accept 15k refugees

WEB Notes: We have talked about this subject in depth the last few days. It should be obvious to you the West has created this mess and who controls the West? The children of Satan. In a perfect world the answer would not be to take in all of these refuges and destroy your own nation. The answer would be to stop funding the terrorists in Syria that are causing this. Just think about the lie the world is faced with and buying into. The United States is already bombing Syria. Now Britain, France and Australia if I recall correctly will be taking part in the action as well. All to remove a terrorist group called ISIS who they created. A terrorist group with AR15s, AK47s and shiny Toyota pickup trucks. Does anyone else see a problem with this? How many world powers does it take to wipe out a small group of people?

Source: RT | British Prime Minister David Cameron is pressing for military strikes against Islamic State in Syria within a month, according to senior sources. The leader is also reportedly prepared to accept 15,000 refugees from the war-torn nation.

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Saudi Airstrikes Kill 44 Civilians Across Northern Yemen

Saudi Airstrikes Kill 44 Civilians Across Northern Yemen | 20 killed in attack on a wake in Jawf Province

Source: Saudi Airstrikes Kill 44 Civilians Across Northern Yemen — News from

Water cannon in Brussels as protesting farmers use tractors to break police cordon (VIDEO)

WEB Notes: This is due to deflation which we are seeing sweep the globe with respect to commodity prices.

Source: RT | Police have used water cannon during a farmers’ protest in Brussels. Hundreds of protesters were throwing stones, eggs and firecrackers at officers and used two tractors to try and break through a cordon.

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