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Date: September 9, 2015

Friday’s Feature: Bible Question, Answer and Discussion

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Kim Davis released from jail in dispute over gay marriage

WEB Notes: Let us all make sure we say a prayer thanking our Father for allowing this woman to be released from jail. This woman made a stand risking everything and for now everything has been restored to her. Her freedom, her family and her job. This is a big deal and really make sure you thank our Father for this. I know Kim is.

I really do not see a lot of press coverage about her release which is a bit surprising to me. None the less she is out, but has not yet returned to work which is wise. I am sure she will be in prayer asking for direction.

Read More

World Bank chief economist warns Fed to delay rate rise

WEB Notes: When exactly will the economy be on sure footing Mr. Bank Chief? How many years do we need to artificially inflate the market to keep it afloat?

The US Federal Reserve risks triggering “panic and turmoil” in emerging markets if it opts to raise rates at its September meeting and should hold fire until the global economy is on a surer footing, the World Bank’s chief economist has warned.
Source: World Bank chief economist warns Fed to delay rate rise –

Warren Buffett: Some Citizens Don’t Fit in a Market-Based Economy, so We Send Them to Afghanista

Source: Infowars | Warren Buffett, the mega-billionaire investor who is ranked one of the wealthiest people in the world, recently told Bloomberg TV there is a place for citizens who cannot find their way in a rigged crony capitalist system steered by an elitist oligarchy.

Zero Hedge quotes the “Wizard of Omaha” as follows: Read More

Deadly US drone programme still controversial

During the George W Bush administration, the US conducted around 50 drone strikes to kill suspected terrorists. The Obama administration, however, has ordered around 500 strikes, according to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, which tracks the use of drones by the US military and CIA.

Source: Deadly US drone programme still controversial –

Sandstorm chokes Mideast for second day

“We have had sandstorms before, but not of this intensity,” a Cypriot meterological official told Reuters. “It’s very rare for this time of year too and it’s covering the entire region.”

Source: Sandstorm chokes Mideast for second day

Hollande: France to take 24,000 refugees

WEB Notes: The UK’s Cameron has said they will take in 20,000 refuges as well.

France will take in 24,000 refugees in response to the influx of migrants coming to the European Union, President Francois Hollande says.
Source: Hollande: France to take 24,000 refugees – BBC News


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