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Date: September 22, 2015

Media Promotes “Pedophile Rights”

WEB Notes: I remember reading an article years ago that was setting the stage for this. Nothing helped their cause like the same sex marriage ruling that people think is now the law of the land. Remember, the Supreme Court does not make laws, they only offer an opinion of them. Since same sex marriage is “legal” and morality is not an issue because there is no God, they believe anything is fair game at this point. If this world carries on for much longer we will see things like this become “law”.

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US to bring in new advanced nuclear bombs to Germany

Starting third quarter 2015, the US Air Force is starting preparations to bring in new B61 nuclear bombs to Luftwaffe’s Büchel Air Base, according to ZDF TV channel. German parliament previously called for American nukes to be removed.The base in Rhineland-Palatinate in western Germany hosts German Panavia Tornado multipurpose aircraft that are capable to deploy the USAF nuclear bombs stored there under a nuclear sharing deal. The base is the only location in Germany that has nuclear weapons since 2007 and has 20 of them, according to the Royal United Services Institute.

Source: US to bring in new advanced nuclear bombs to Germany – report — RT News

France ready to bomb Syria ‘in self-defense’ – foreign minister

WEB Notes: The lie called self defense. This is the same reason the US has been in the middle east for more than a decade. “Fight them over there so they do not come here.” Yet we have 42 million immigrants in this nation. How many of them are illegal is the question.

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The TPP, Monsanto, Rockefeller, Trilateral Commission, Brzezinski

All hands on deck for global, economic, corporate dictatorship.“The so-called ‘migration’ of populations into Europe and America is no accident. It’s part and parcel of a Trilateral Commission plan to introduce a high degree of chaos—which of course will require a militarized police response, to ‘restore order’ and remove huge chunks of freedom in the process. All significant US policy decisions are initiated by Trilateral members working inside and outside of government.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

Source: The TPP, Monsanto, Rockefeller, Trilateral Commission, Brzezinski

Drug Goes From $13.50 a Tablet to $750, Overnight

Specialists in infectious disease are protesting a gigantic overnight increase in the price of a 62-year-old drug that is the standard of care for treating a life-threatening parasitic infection.The drug, called Daraprim, was acquired in August by Turing Pharmaceuticals, a start-up run by a former hedge fund manager. Turing immediately raised the price to $750 a tablet from $13.50, bringing the annual cost of treatment for some patients to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Source: Drug Goes From $13.50 a Tablet to $750, Overnight

Bipartisan Asset Forfeiture Reform Bill Dies on California Assembly Floor

“We are deeply disappointed, but not surprised, by the lack of courage shown by members of the Assembly today,” said Lynne Lyman, California state director of the Drug Policy Alliance. “Apparently many of our elected representatives do not want to uphold the due process protections guaranteed to us in the constitution. Instead, they voted to continue allowing local law enforcement to circumvent the heightened protections of state law in favor of a corrupt arrangement with the federal government.”

Civil asset forfeiture law allows the government to seize and keep cash, cars, real estate, and any other property – even from persons never charged with or convicted of a crime. California law generally requires a conviction before property is permanently forfeited to the government, and protects guiltless spouses, in a way that federal law does not. In the last 20 years since California implemented these protections, some law enforcement agencies chose to exploit a loophole in the law that allows them to transfer cash and property to the federal government, which shares the proceeds from the forfeiture with the local agency, even when there was no arrest, charge or conviction.

Source: Bipartisan Asset Forfeiture Reform Bill Dies on California Assembly Floor | From the Trenches World Report

U.S. Immigrant Population Hits Record High

The U.S. immigrant population reached a record high of 42.4 million according to a new analysis of census data — and the growth rate of the foreign-born population is accelerating. A new Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) report shows the legal- and illegal-immigrant population grew by 2.4 million since 2010, with more than a million new arrivals in 2014.

Source: U.S. Immigrant Population Hits Record High | National Review Online

2,000 Russian Troops Head To Syria For “First Phase” Of Mission To Support Assad

WEB Notes: I doubt Assad is going to make it out of this and I doubt Russia’s intentions as well. How many world powers does it take to remove ISIS from Syria? The world may never know…

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