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Date: September 27, 2015

Congressman Bob Brady steals Pope Francis’ glass to sip remaining liquid with his wife

WEB Notes: Aside from this being just plain strange this is worshiping a man. You do not worship men, I do not care who they are. For that matter you do not listen to any man’s words until you can verify them yourself in the scriptures. What on earth does this man think drinking the pope’s water is going to do for him? People are very strange creatures (note to self: never drink the last of someone’s cup, it is all backwash).

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Supermoon Lunar Eclipse Rises Tonight: Watch It Live in Slooh Webcast

WEB Notes: If you have the opportunity to see the eclipse in your area you should take a look. The moon is at its closest point to earth so it should be a good show.

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Russian Jets Strike ISIL Positions in Syria’s Aleppo

WEB Notes: The UK is ready to attack ISIS with Russia. The US is working to get Iran in Syria. The US has been attacking ISIS in Syria for sometime now. Now France is attacking ISIS. We see many leaders of the world working together in Syria. The goal is to destroy Assad and ISIS is being used as the cover. It is no secret Syria is an ally of Russia so how will this all play out in the end? It is pretty simple. “Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap,” (Isaiah 17:1).

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France carries out first airstrikes against ISIS in Syria

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Shifting Direction, Kerry Aims to Include Iran in Efforts to End the Conflict in Syria

WEB Notes: Now they want to bring Iran into the situation in Syria. All in an effort for peace and safety. There will be no peace until Christ returns, but they can keep on trying if it makes them feel better (1 Thessalonians 5:3).

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Major sinkhole opens up at Inskip Point, Queensland, Australia

Source: The Watchers | A major sinkhole has opened up at Inskip Point in Queensland, Australia around 13:00 UTC on Saturday, September 26, 2015 (23:00 local time).

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UK Ready To Work With Russia To Combat IS

WEB Notes: Through this article it is clear Cameron wants Assad out.

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Over a million liters (264 000 gallons) of toxic cyanide leaked into Potrerillos River, Argentina

WEB Notes: Of course the judge lifted the ban. There is money to be made, who cares if the environment is harmed in the process. we see this all too often.

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Doctor Expelled from Boston Hospital for Statements About Health Dangers of Homosexuality

WEB Notes: It seems you cannot make opinions about much these days without the fear of loosing something. Society in general is too concerned with what people think. I am willing to bet most people on that portal were not upset or offended by what this man said.

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