WEB Notes: I remember reading an article years ago that was setting the stage for this. Nothing helped their cause like the same sex marriage ruling that people think is now the law of the land. Remember, the Supreme Court does not make laws, they only offer an opinion of them. Since same sex marriage is “legal” and morality is not an issue because there is no God, they believe anything is fair game at this point. If this world carries on for much longer we will see things like this become “law”.

Leftist media is now promoting “pedophile rights” as the next “social justice” movement, not long after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriages.Salon.com published an op/ed by a self-described pedophile asking Americans to “learn to accept” pedophiles and be “understanding and supportive” of their “sexual orientation.”

“So, please, be understanding and supportive,” pedophile Todd Nickerson wrote. “It’s really all we ask of you.”He blamed his “sexual preference” on his brain while asserting he’s “not a monster.”

“In essence, your brain knows what it likes and isn’t going to take no for an answer,” Nickerson continued. “For that reason, the nature or nurture question with respect to sexual preference is ultimately irrelevant — it becomes all but hardwired soon enough, until it’s all you know, and it’s self-reinforcing, no matter how much you wish to dig it out.”
Source: » Media Promotes “Pedophile Rights” Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!


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