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Pope Francis to allow priests to forgive abortion

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WEB Notes:
Mark 2:7
7 “Why doth this man thus speak blasphemies? who can forgive sins but God only?”

In case you need a second witness Isaiah 43:25 will provide that. It is not man who forgives sin. How misled can someone be?

Source: USA Today | The Roman Catholic Church will grant priests the right to forgive the “sin” of abortion for women who are contrite, Pope Francis said in a letter published Tuesday by the Vatican.

The pope said priests will have the power during a special “Holy Year of Mercy” that begins in December. – Read More – USA Today

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  1. It annoys me how catholics treat this man. He is only a man, not God. A lot of times they treat him like God and not a man, when in fact he is doing his part to bring the Kenite plan to fruition so it seems. Worshipping him is no different than worshipping a golden calf.

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