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Date: October 4, 2015

Israel bars Palestinians from Jerusalem’s Old City

Israeli police on Sunday took the unprecedented step of barring Palestinian residents of Jerusalem from entering the Old City after two stabbing attacks on Israelis by Palestinians.A Palestinian teenager who stabbed and wounded a 15-year-old Israeli early Sunday was shot dead, Israeli police said. It came after a Palestinian man fatally stabbed two Israelis and wounded two more, including a toddler, Saturday. He was shot dead by police.

Source: Israel bars Palestinians from Jerusalem’s Old City

36,000 troops, 200 aircraft & 60 vessels: NATO launches biggest war games in 13 years

NATO has started its biggest exercise since 2002 with 36,000 international troops from 30 states, including non-NATO nations, participating in the drills which are taking place at sea, in the air and across the territory of three European states.The alliance has kicked off its massive “Trident Juncture 2015” exercises which will last until November 16. Along with the NATO member states, seven more partner nations are participating in the drills: Australia, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Sweden and Ukraine.

Source: 36,000 troops, 200 aircraft & 60 vessels: NATO launches biggest war games in 13 years — RT News

Global Stock Market Sell-off Sheds $11 Trillion in Third Quarter

WEB Notes: When you see negative numbers of this magnitude you know things are starting to get bad.

Source: Fortune | It was the worst quarter since 2011.

Global equity markets suffered a bruising third quarter, shedding $11 trillion worth of global shares over three months, according to Bloomberg.

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Officials Move to Take Christian Bakers’ Home After Couple Refuses to Pay $135,000 to Lesbians

Officials in Oregon have moved to take the home and/or other assets of a Christian couple as they are refusing to pay $135,000 in emotional damages to two lesbian women that filed a complaint after the couple declined to make a cake at their bakery for their “wedding” ceremony.As previously reported, in February, a judge with the Oregon BOLI declared Aaron and Melissa Klein of Sweet Cakes by Melissa guilty of discrimination for declining to make the cake because of their Christian convictions, thus moving the matter into the sentencing phase.

Source: Officials Move to Take Christian Bakers’ Home After Couple Refuses to Pay $135,000 to Lesbians | Christian News Network

Once In 200 Years Rainfall Event: East coast storms leave 22 million Americans under flood watch

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US officials investigate airstrike in Afghanistan that killed at least 19 at Doctors Without Borders hospital

WEB Notes: We will keep an eye on these type of stories, but it appears as if the US is starting to be blamed for a lot of problems in the world. Of course this is true, but innocents have been bombed for years in foreign nations by the US without much from the media. Now we are seeing stories like this and of course Russia appearing as the hero in Syria. Nothing is ever as it seems in this world.

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Who Owns Your Presidential Candidate?

WEB Notes: All this did was legalize what has been going on for years.

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