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Date: October 9, 2015

Bible Q&A Archive Has Been Updated

This is just a quick note to let everyone know the Bible Q&A Archive has been updated.

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China preparing to ‘team up with Russia in Syria’: Boost for Putin in battle against ISIS

WEB Notes: All this says is more destruction for Syria is ahead which lines up with scripture.

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Obama administration ends $500mn program to train Syrian rebels

WEB Notes: Sure they did. You do not spent reported millions and unreported billions destabilizing a nation to back out when a couple missiles are floated in by Russia. This is simply more theater. Now if the US packs up all of their troops and there are no more rebels or ISIS then I might believe it. Remember, test their fruits not their words and that includes mine as well.

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Why Are The IMF, The UN, The BIS And Citibank All Warning That An Economic Crisis Could Be Imminent?

WEB Notes: These things are all true. But do not try and time an economic collapse. The system has stayed intact this long because the children of Satan have want it to stay intact for now. Do not fret over an economic collapse. Prepare to the best of your ability and keep your Father front in line. Some people can barely afford to put food on their plates so preparation for them will be tough if not impossible. So what do you do? Reach out to our Father in prayer and ask Him to guide you during these difficult times.

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Senior Iranian general killed by Islamic State in Syria

A general for Iran’s Revolutionary Guards has been killed by ISIS in Syria, the guards said in a Friday statement. General Hossein Hamedani was reportedly advising President Bashar Assad’s army on its fight against the militant group. Hamedani’s death was confirmed in a statement carried by Iranian media. The guards said the general was killed by Islamic State (formerly ISIS/ISIL) “during an advisory mission” in the northern region of Aleppo.

Source: Senior Iranian general killed by Islamic State in Syria – Tehran — RT News

Netanyahu cancels German visit as violence spreads across Israel

Israel’s prime minister canceled a visit to Germany on Wednesday after a spate of attacks that included the stabbing of an Israeli soldier by a suspected Palestinian militant who police said was then shot dead by special forces.

Source: Netanyahu cancels German visit as violence spreads across Israel

Brzezinski to Putin: Stop hitting OUR al-Qaeda or it’s World War III

WEB Notes: The children of Satan already control Russia as they control the US. We know the US has built up ISIS so we have an entire manufactured conflict here. It is possible there is a desire to build strife between Russia and US and pit them against one another we will have to wait and see. But understand what is going on is under control and a desired result. Brzezinski is like Soros, a front man for those behind the curtain. Remember the current world order has to be broken before a new world order can be presented and accepted by the world.

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Bible Question, Answer and Discussion for 10-9-2015

Bible Question and Answer
Welcome to our bi-weekly post Bible Question, Answer and Discussion where we provide Bible verses, answers and advice to the questions and concerns you have. During the course of the last two weeks readers have submitted their questions and today we are going to answer one of them. So please join us and feel free to chime in on the discussion in the comments section below this post.
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