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Date: October 10, 2015

Hollande warns of total war if MidEast conflict not solved

WEB Notes: This is only a murmur of peace. Things will need to get a lot worse before we have real calls for world peace. We have agreements here and there like the TPP. When true one worldism takes place it is going to change the entire power structure of our world.

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Obama Advisors Recommend US Military Withdrawal From Syria

WEB Notes: They can say all they want the US is leaving Syria. The point is bombs are still falling on Syria so you know the plan of the children of Satan is in full swing unabated as we said the other day.. The US has supposedly been at war with ISIS for over a year now and ISIS has only gotten stronger. Russia steps on the scene and in a single week they have supposedly destroyed 40% of ISIS “infrastructure” and have ISIS retreating to Turkey where NATO is ready to hold Russia at bay. We have a huge global manufactured event being played out. I know many might get caught up into this Russia against US (Esau and Jacob) frame of mind.

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Unrest worsens as death toll rises, attack hits Jerusalem

Violence between Israelis and Palestinians threatened to spiral out of control Saturday after unrest spread to Gaza, the Palestinian death toll rose and a new stabbing by a 16-year-old hit Jerusalem.

While Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas have sought to avoid an escalation, frustrated Palestinian youths have defied efforts to restore calm and a wave of stabbings has spread fear in Israel.
Source: Unrest worsens as death toll rises, attack hits Jerusalem – Yahoo News

Senate Democrats Unveil Sweeping Gun Control Proposal

WEB Notes: Of course they have. This is about controlling the population. They never do this any other time. They wait for a so called “crisis” and then introduce legislation. As ol Rahm Emanual said, “never let a crisis go to waste“.

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Nato chief says prepared to send troops to defend Turkey

WEB Notes: Translation: If Russia attacks the territory of Turkey NATO will attack those Russian aggressors. This article claims ISIS is now leaving their posts and heading for Turkey. How convenient. Putin has previously said Russia would never attack NATO. If Russia attacked part of Turkey even to get ISIS NATO has the right under their charter to respond. Attacking Turkey essentially would be attacking NATO. I doubt this will escalate. 

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Islamic State closes in on Syrian city of Aleppo; U.S. abandons rebel training effort

Islamic State fighters have seized villages close to the northern city of Aleppo from rival insurgents, a monitoring group said on Friday, despite an intensifying Russian air-and-sea campaign that Moscow says has targeted the militant group.

News of the advance came as the United States announced it was largely abandoning its failed program to train moderate rebels fighting Islamic State and would instead provide arms and equipment directly to rebel leaders and their units on the battlefield.
Source: Islamic State closes in on Syrian city of Aleppo; U.S. abandons rebel training effort | Reuters

Russian Airstrikes Destroy 40% of ISIL’s Infrastructure in a Week

WEB Notes (11-18-15): This article from last month should help you understand the lie that is being perpetuated on the world at this time. When Russia started dropping bombs on ISIS in Syria they destroyed 40% of ISIS infrastructure in merely 24 hours. It has been roughly six weeks since this event took place. We are now told ISIS planned and executed a terrorist attack in France while their resources have been reduced. Does anyone else see a problem with this? Lies my friends, lies. If ISIS were a true enemy they would have been eradicated on day three.

WEB Notes: This should further document for you that the US was never fighting ISIS, but funding them instead.

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Russian Air Force destroys 29 ISIS camps in Syria in 24 hours

Russian warplanes in Syria have bombed 29 terrorist field camps and other facilities of the militant group Islamic State in the past 24 hours, the Russian Defense Ministry reported.

“Our aviation group over the past day has destroyed two militant command centers, 29 field camps, 23 fortified facilities and several troop positions with military hardware,” ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said Saturday.

Source: Russian Air Force destroys 29 ISIS camps in Syria in 24 hours — RT News

HUNDREDS TURN OUT to Protest Barack Obama in Oregon (VIDEO)

Turkey terror attack: scores killed in twin Ankara blasts

More than 80 people have been killed and up to 150 wounded in the deadliest terror attack in Turkey’s history after two explosions targeted a peace rally in the centre of the capital.Twin explosions outside Ankara’s main train station on Saturday morning targeted hundreds of people who had gathered to protest against violence between authorities and the Kurdish militant group, the PKK.

Source: Turkey terror attack: scores killed in twin Ankara blasts | World news | The Guardian


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