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Date: October 13, 2015

North American Union: US/Canadian Generals Discussed Fully Integrating Their Militaries

WEB Notes: The children of Satan have been working on their plans for world government since the fall of Babylon. They have never been as close to accomplishing this goal as they are right now. Proof of one worldism is all over the place. Look at this nations open border policy and recall the bailouts where we saw the Federal Reserve (which is not a part of the Federal government) bail out foreign governments. World government is well on its way. The problem is many of us expect it to happen all of the sudden when in reality the plan has been in motion all along.

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U.S.-Made Weaponry Is Turning Syrian Conflict Into Proxy War With Russia

WEB Notes: More hype. The US has been funding and nursing along the “rebels” in Syria for how long? Russia has been an ally of Assad for years. Russia has a Navy base in Syria. Sides are being turned against one another for a desired result.

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Israel rocked by wave of terror attacks, at least 3 killed & dozens injured

WEB Notes: This situation continues to escalate.

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U.S. airdrops ammunition to Syria Arabs after strategy revamp

WEB Notes: Sure they are. Weapons were air dropped to ISIS no doubt. We have been saying for well over a year if the US wanted ISIS dead they would have been inside of a week.

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ISIS lost most of its ammunition & heavy vehicles in Russian airstrikes

Islamic State militants have lost “most” of their ammunition, heavy vehicles and equipment in Russian airstrikes, the Defense Ministry said Tuesday. At least 86 ISIS targets were hit during 88 sorties in the last 24 hours. Sukhoi Su-24M and Su-34 bombers, together with Su-25SM ground support aircrafts targeted Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) sites in the provinces of Raqqah, Hama, Idlib, Latakia and Aleppo, according to the ministry. The jets hit command posts, ammunition and armament depots, mili

Source: ISIS lost most of its ammunition & heavy vehicles in Russian airstrikes – military — RT News


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