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Date: October 21, 2015 (page 1 of 2)

Russia, US sign cooperation deal on Syria airstrikes

WEB Notes: But I thought the US and Russia were going to start WWIII?

Again, in the future Russia and the US may be pitted against themselves to start a large conflict, we will see. The point here is control. The children of Satan do control these nations through various avenues. What the children of Satan do not control is the people of the world and this is why the establishment of one worldism has not already taken place. The people would revolt. This is why we have nations being destroyed through unregulated immigration. This is why you hear quotes from people like Kissinger who say the people will embrace global government one day. They will, he is absolutely right. Why? Because the nation state idea and everything about it will be destroyed by the children of Satan. Giving the people only one option to choose from.

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Goodbye Middle Class: 51 Percent Of All American Workers Make Less Than 30,000 Dollars A Year

WEB Notes: This article is a good example of economic collapse. I see a lot of people out there and articles saying on this date this will crash or that date things will crash and what happens? The calendar flips over another day and people feel let down. This is why you do not set dates for anything especially God’s Word. Just relax and watch what is going on in the world and stay in your Father’s Letter.

The biggest shocker of these numbers to me was this one, “-71 percent of all American workers made less than $50,000 last year.” $50,000 before taxes is not a lot of money at all. This will buy you some decent food and shelter over your head, but not leave much room for savings or leisure activities.  People keep waiting and looking for a crash, but they do not realize they are already in it. When you have over 100 million people in a nation of 320 million not working that should tell you something. Do not get me wrong there will be a global economic collapse. All of the things mentioned in the article are precursors, but they are very large ones.

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Walmart scrubs “Made in the U.S.A.” logo after FTC inquiry

WEB Notes: Raise your hand if you think this article is a cover for removing US labels… This sounds like TPP is already in effect.

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Warning sign: Tech companies of All Sizes and Ages Are Starting to Have Layoffs

Source: David Stockman | What do Twitter, Microsoft, and Snapchat all have in common? They have all had layoffs in recent months.

The reasons for the layoffs are as varied as the companies’ products, but the job cuts provide an interesting counterpoint to the parade of mega-funding and billion-dollar startup announcements that have dominated headlines all year.

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Court decision paves the way for Australian-style gun ban

WEB Notes: The senators did not have time to read the bill before voting it into law? How many times are we going to hear this garbage? Call it what is it. Can you imagine going to buy a home and looking over a document and the agent says well buddy your time is up sign away. Would you do it? Of course not. It is quite clear the senators are not the ones writing the laws or voting on them. But another entity who is writing the laws and forcing them on the public. “Our” senators should lock this all down. There was no time, give me a break.

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Migrants Stay at 4 Star Hotel While Poor Germans Lose Their Homes

The sheer number of asylum seekers making their way to the Saxony-Anhalt region has resulted in an accommodation crisis, with the Maritim Hotel in Halle now being used to house at least 80 migrants who began arriving last week.

The 4 star hotel boasts an indoor swimming pool, sauna and fitness room and is located just a 10 minute walk from Halle’s historic old town.
Source: » Migrants Stay at 4 Star Hotel While Poor Germans Lose Their Homes Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

Hillary wants shooting victims to be able to sue gun makers, but doesn’t want vaccine victims to do the same to vaccine manufacturers

WEB Notes: This should make it clear as day they want absolute control over your life. You cannot sue the pharma companies when one of their vaccines damages you or kills a loved one. But hey why not sue the firearms companies when one of their firearms kills you. After all the firearms can walk around and it decides who it wants to kill. I am not sure what is worse. The people who come up with this stuff or the rest of us who allow it.

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Combat report: Russian Air Force destroys Al-Qaeda offshoot depot in Syria

WEB Notes: If Russia cannot complete their goal in another week then I highly doubt they are destroying ISIS. It should not take that long. Notice Damascus was one of the sites hit.

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Professor Compares Law-Abiding Gun-Owners To Slaveholders, Calls For Them To Be Shot

WEB Notes: Why do they need to go to such depths? It is very clear this man has no case to stand on so he pulls the race card and calls for gun owners to be shot. Someone with a mind like this is very content on having all of your rights removed. Firearms are the great equalizer. They allow a 120lb woman to overcome a 250lb man. Read some of the gun statistics we posted the other day.

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NATO launches biggest military exercise in 13 years

NATO is launching its biggest military exercise in 13 years, mobilizing 36,000 soldiers, sailors and airmen from more than 30 countries to test the alliance’s ability to respond to new security threats.NATO Deputy Secretary-General Alexander Vershbow told the opening ceremony Monday that the Trident Juncture exercise will demonstrate that NATO “can deal with everything from conventional military engagements to more subtle hybrid warfare techniques and propaganda.”
Source: NATO launches biggest military exercise in 13 years – NY Daily News

Europe Secretly Starts Imposing TTIP Despite the Public’s Overwhelming Opposition

WEB Notes: How is that for transparency? If this was something that was going to benefit the people it would not be secret. They would be screaming from the rooftops all of the details so they would be re-elected.

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M7.1 – 35km NE of Port-Olry, Vanuatu

USGS Earthquake Hazards Program, responsible for monitoring, reporting, and researching earthquakes and earthquake hazards

Source: M7.1 – 35km NE of Port-Olry, Vanuatu

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