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Date: October 24, 2015

Lavrov: Russia is ready to offer air support to Syrian opposition fighting ISIS

WEB Notes: This basically proves what we have been saying. Russia is a part of the show as well. There are no “moderate rebels”. Russia said they were going to destroy ISIS and have now stopped if they ever did anything at all. They claim to support Assad, but now they want to help the US and the “rebels” who stand against who? Assad. So what we are witnessing is the destruction of Syria. It has not been saved as we previously stated. More lies and deception.

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Russia, US, Turkey, Saudi Arabia start Syria talks

Source: Israel National News | The top diplomats of Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United States started key talks on Friday in Vienna to try to find a way to end the Syrian conflict.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov – whose government backs Damascus – was meeting US Secretary of State John Kerry along with the foreign ministers of Turkey and Saudi Arabia, who all support Syrian rebel groups fighting President Bashar al-Assad.

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John Kerry: Bar Global Warming Skeptics From Elected Office

WEB Notes: This guy lost his marbles sometime ago. It has been confirmed the earth overall is in a cooling trend. In 2013 the arctic ice caps grew by 60%. Scientists have warned us the sun will go dark in 2030 and temperatures will plummet.

All of this has to do with control. This article says there are too many people on the earth and this gets right down to the goal of the children of Satan to eradicate most of the world’s population. We have some leaders who have come out and told us the climate change non-sense is a ruse for world government. And how could we ever forget the falsification of climate change? “The fiddling with temperature data is the biggest science scandal ever

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UN chief Ban calls for direct Netanyahu-Abbas talks

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said Friday that it was time for Israeli and Palestinian leaders to meet face-to-face to lower tensions over attacks in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

“I strongly suggested and urged them to sit down together,” Ban told reporters after his return from the Middle East, where he met separately with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas.
Source: Flash – UN chief Ban calls for direct Netanyahu-Abbas talks – France 24

Expect more raids on ISIS by US troops, Pentagon chief warns after commando combat death

WEB Notes: What is this man “warning” us for? I thought the goal was to destroy ISIS? These people cannot even stay with the cover story. ‘Mr. and Mrs. America we lost a solider to ISIS the other day so I am warning you that we are going to step up our attacks against ISIS.’ Insanity.

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A Japanese how-to has Americans tossing out clutter by the bagful

Source: USA Today | “There has been very key science on the effect clutter has on your life,” she says, citing a 2012 UCLA study that looked at how mothers’ stress hormones spiked when they were dealing with their belongings. “Seventy-five percent of families in the U.S. can’t park their cars in the garage because they have too much stuff. It is genuinely a stress builder.”

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