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Date: October 28, 2015

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Iran to join BRICS New Development Bank

WEB Notes: They have not joined as of yet, but talks are underway. Make note the BRICS bank is not some rebellious banking cartel. The children of Satan would never allow competition, they believe it to be a sin.

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Abortion clinic owner caught on video: Burning aborted babies for energy is ‘a great idea’ (video)

WEB Notes: This is a business plain and simple and these people could not care any less about the babies involved or their rights.

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Iran’s Khamenei approves nuclear deal, with conditions

WEB Notes: The US is itching to go to war with Iran, they have been for years. If Iran breaks the deal I see this being the straw that breaks the back of “peace”.

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Massachusetts ‘United Church of Christ’ Hosts Blasphemous ‘Drag Gospel Festival’

WEB Notes: Those who attend this church and ones like it really do not understand what the Bible even says or is about.

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Why the U.S. may still have to go to war against Iran

Source: Reuters | Effective enforcement of the Iranian nuclear deal remains a conundrum. Enshrined in the agreement is “snapback” – the restoration of international economic sanctions against Tehran should it violate the deal’s terms. Yet the expected rush of European, Russian and Chinese businesses into Iran would make such unified action questionable.

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U.S. Senate approves major cybersecurity bill

A majority of the U.S. Senate easily passed legislation on Tuesday aimed at bolstering the country’s cyber defenses, advancing the first serious attempt in Congress to combat crippling computer hacks that have felled a growing number of businesses and government agencies in recent years.

Source: U.S. Senate approves major cybersecurity bill | Daily Mail Online

Iran Is Invited to Join U.S., Russia and Europe for Talks on Syria’s Future

Source: NY Times | Iran has been invited to join talks in Vienna this week with Russia, the United States and European nations on whether a political resolution is possible in the Syrian civil war. If Iran accepts, it will be the first time Secretary of State John Kerry will enter formal negotiations with Tehran on issues beyond the nuclear accord reached in July.

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