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Date: November 1, 2015

The Truth About Political Correctness

Judge Who Ordered Removal of Ten Commandments Rules Alabama Must Restore Planned Parenthood Contract

WEB Notes: Don’t you dare tell me about the 10 Commandments, but hey you can murder those babies and sell their parts all you want. This world is turning darker and darker by the moment.

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Report: Flood Of Western Weapons Fueling Unrest, Extremism Across Middle East

Western nations—led by the United States—are selling large quantities of weapons to governments in the Middle East and North Africa, providing little oversight for how these arms are used, and thereby fueling corruption and conflict in countries from Saudi Arabia to Egypt, a new report (pdf) from the watchdog organization Transparency International finds.

The investigation examines government defense corruption in Tunisia, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Syria, and Yemen. These countries together account for $135 billion in military spending in 2014 alone, making their expenditures as a percentage of GDP the “highest in the world,” the report finds.
Source: Report: Flood Of Western Weapons Fueling Unrest, Extremism Across Middle East

1/3 Of The USA Looks To Mandate Vaccines

WEB Notes: No matter which side of the argument you are on we should all agree we each have the right to make up our own mind what we want to put into our own body. When you make that decision for me you have removed my freedom and you have violated my body.

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The refugee crisis, captured in one staggering animated graphic

WEB Notes: How accurate are their numbers? Good question. One thing is clear from this and all of the other media articles hoards from the middle east are migrating to Europe because of the wars raging. Who caused these wars? The children of Satan, period. These are not civil wars. Civil wars are between the inhabitants of one land. Not multiple nations being involved. This is an extremely complex war engineered by the children of Satan to fulfill many purposes. Mainly, removing Assad from power in order to bring one more country into their globalist agenda. Side note: Notice the same of this tool, “Lucify”.

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US Invasion of Syria Begins

WEB Notes: The US has also pledged an additional $100 million to the “opposition as anti-ISIS offensive begins”. The only thing that has begun is the next phase in the removal of Assad. See how long these types of things can take? Iran will need to be removed from power as well and I highly doubt that will be overnight. This is why we say be patient and stay in the Word.

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As Benghazi inquiry fades, Clinton still faces legal questions about emails

WEB Notes: How corrupt has our political system become? The fact that Hillary is a possible presidential candidate should answer that question alone.

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Health and Societal Consequences of Geoengineering

WEB Notes: This is a topic we do not discuss that often, but probably should. This is a serious issue and of course you have no say in it. You can read our past posts on this subject here. Notice the mainstream media has even chimed in on this as well.

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