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Date: November 21, 2015

UN calls on world to fight ISIS as Security Council unanimously adopts French-drafted resolution

WEB Notes: This is absolutely huge news. We are seeing the world start to unite in order to fight against a common enemy and that enemy is ISIS. Of course that enemy was created by the same people fighting it, but that is exactly how the children of Satan operate. They have to be extremely excited by this announcement as it documents they are achieving their goal. Remember Revelation 13:4, ‘who can make war with the beast’? That is the goal. If world powers unite as one no one can make war against them. We are not there yet, but this is the third call in the last week for the nations to unite in order to fight ISIS.

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Limited free movement: EU to strengthen border control to fight terrorism

WEB Notes: Look at this, financial intelligence must be strengthened. They must take measures against money laundering… What better way to do that than to get rid of cash all together and they are working on that day by day as we have documented.

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Candidates Ready to Trash Constitution to Fight ISIS: “Time To Put Life Ahead of Civil Liberties”

WEB Notes: The escalation of events is increasing rapidly. Do you see how they pit one side against the other? What is all of this doing? Pitting Christians against Mooslims. Who and what caused the Mooslims to come to this nation and others? The invasion by the west into their homelands. Take a look at pictures from Syria. Their homes, workplaces and cities are in ruins. They have no where to go so where do you think they are going to go? To a place with a better future. What no one is talking about is who caused this and why. There is no way the Christian nations can take in this many refugees and survive. The cause of this needs to be stopped, but very few understand the root cause and the true enemy, which is the children of Satan.

The take away here is these supposed security measures Trump is talking about will not just stop with the Mooslims, but they will be implemented for everyone. Our forefathers sacrificed everything they had so we could have freedom and we give it away for free.

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Obama visits Asian refugee center amid raging debate in US

WEB Notes: How can you welcome millions of people? Seriously, this is insane and why are not the American people talking about this? You know for years the war on terror was “necessary” because “it kept them over there”. Well that was one big line of BS. Take a look around you, they are now coming over here in hordes and who caused it? The children of Satan. DO NOT TAKE YOUR EYE OFF THE ENEMY. The children of Satan are the enemy and they have caused this.

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Russian cruise missiles hit ISIS from Mediterranean & Caspian; 600 killed in one strike

WEB Notes: When in the history of the world have they made military maneuvers public like this? Watch the second video and you are viewing through a camera on board the Russian ship. I see this as feeding the fear and hype surrounding ISIS and “documenting” to the world the powers of it are trying to stop ISIS.

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ObamaCare Death Spiral: America’s Largest Health Insurer Ready to Bail

The departure of UnitedHealth Group could be the death blow not even ObamaCare’s most stubborn and dishonest defenders can spin away.

Watching one state co-op after another keel over from fiscal heart attacks was enough handwriting on the wall, as UnitedHealth CEO Stephen Hemsley specifically mentioned the failure of co-ops as one of the major factors making his board nervous.
Source: ObamaCare Death Spiral: America’s Largest Health Insurer Ready to Bail – Breitbart

Iran Guard simulates capture of Al Aqsa Mosque

WEB Notes: I believe we are given a few key events in God’s Word that tip us off just before the appearance of Satan. I believe as the one world governmental system is being setup we will have the ten kings arise from Daniel which has not happened yet. Three of them will rebel against that rule (Daniel 7:20,24), most likely because the thought will be to take Jerusalem and make her the capital of the world (Luke 21:20). Of course we know Satan will appear and remove these three kings. It is no secret Jerusalem is the heart of much conflict in the world and to make her united and under one global power would be desired by the world. We will discuss this topic further in a future study.

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M6.1 – 174km WNW of Saumlaki, Indonesia

USGS Earthquake Hazards Program, responsible for monitoring, reporting, and researching earthquakes and earthquake hazards
Source: M6.1 – 174km WNW of Saumlaki, Indonesia


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