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Date: November 23, 2015

Russia Says U.S. Policies Helped Islamic State, Interfax Reports

WEB Notes: This is not a news flash. We have said this over and over again and it has been documented by multiple news outlets. Yet, Russia and the US are working together to combat ISIS where… In Syria of course.

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Illegal immigrant children, non-Mexicans surge across U.S. Southwest border at record rate

WEB Notes: The article said this happened in recent weeks. Have they been hiding in a cave somewhere? This happens daily. There is a relentless flood coming across the border and the US welcomes it.

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Putin lifts export ban on uranium enrichment equipment to Iran

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree lifting the ban on supplying Iran with uranium enrichment equipment. It is linked to Russia importing enriched uranium from Iran, according to the official government website.

The Russian President is visiting Tehran to take part in Gas Exporting Countries Forum summit, and is holding talks on Monday with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and the country’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.
Source: Putin lifts export ban on uranium enrichment equipment to Iran — RT Business

White House Gave ISIS 45 Minute Warning Before Bombing Oil Tankers

WEB Notes: This backs up what we just said about Syria’s infrastructure being destroyed. It sounds like the goal is to keep ISIS alive to cause more issues while destroying every aspect of Syria that is possible. 1,000 oil tankers destroyed in five days. How many tankers does Syria even have? At this rate they will have zero in a few weeks. Assad can keep up the fight, but without oil and resources he will have no income to fund his government. One way or the other he will be removed from power.

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Russian airstrikes destroy 472 terrorist targets in Syria in 48 hours, 1,000 oil tankers in 5 days

WEB Notes: I can guarantee you those facilities that are being destroyed were not built by ISIS. So whose infrastructure is being destroyed here? Syria’s. As we said in our video, Syria is being destroyed by several world governments under the guise of ISIS.

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Pew Research Poll: 40% of Millennials Want to Restrict Free Speech

Pew Research recently surveyed a broad selection of Americans on the subject of offensive speech, and their findings do not bode well for the future of America. The respondents were asked if the government should step in to prevent speech that is offensive toward minorities, to which 28% of Americans agreed. Mind you, this wasn’t about speech that called for violence against minorities. It’s anything that could be deemed “offensive,” an increasingly vague and inclusive term in this day and age.

What was more shocking, however, was how different generations of Americans thought about the issue. 40% of millennials aged 18-34 thought that the government should prevent people from saying these things, which appears to be the latest in a long-term trend that favors free speech restrictions. Only 12% of those between the ages of 70-87, 24% of those aged 51-69, and 27% of Americans aged 35-50, supported government restrictions.
Source: Pew Research Poll: 40% of Millennials Want to Restrict Free Speech

150 on flight from Mexico skip customs, leave JFK

WEB Notes: Had it been your grandma she would have been strip searched.

Airline and security officials at Kennedy Airport let 150 passengers arriving from an international flight leave the airport without going through customs, the Daily News has learned.

Source: EXCLUSIVE: 150 on flight from Mexico skip customs, leave JFK – NY Daily News


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