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Date: November 24, 2015

Peru hit by magnitude 7.5 earthquake

A major quake of magnitude 7.5 struck the Peruvian-Brazilian border in the Amazon basin on Tuesday, the U.S. Geological Survey said, but there were no immediate reports of damage. The quake, initially reported as a magnitude 7.1, was felt all the way to the south of Peru, close to the Chilean border, according to local media. The quake could also be felt in the capital of Lima, 681 kilometres away to the west, witnesses said.
Source: Peru hit by magnitude 7.5 earthquake – World – CBC News

The Paris Attacks

WEB Notes: I would encourage you to read the complete article on Mr. Baldwin’s site. He did a good job of discussing what we are witnessing on the world’s stage and echoed much of what we said in our video. However, I do not believe Russia is the good guy.

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Report: Russian ground troops arrive in Syria in unprecedented military action

WEB Notes: This is absolutely not a civil war. We will have to see if more of these reports come out to verify the claim in this article.

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Putin: Downing of Russian jet over Syria stab in the back by terrorist accomplices

Iran says Russia has started procedure of supplying S-300 rocket system

Iran’s ambassador to Russia said on Monday that Moscow had started the procedure of supplying Tehran with S-300 anti-missile rocket system, according to the Tasnim news agency.
Source: Iran says Russia has started procedure of supplying S-300 rocket system | Reuters

Iran Supreme Leader Meets With Putin, Describes U.S. Policy in Syria as ‘Long-Term Plot’

WEB Notes: He is pretty close to it, but this goes far beyond the US.

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Who Exactly is Trying to Kill off Cash?

WEB Notes: How amazing to see our Father’s Letter coming to pass. When the book of Revelation says we will not be able to buy or sell under Satan’s One World Beast Government it means it. With technologies rapid advances you can now pay for items with your phone over the counter. It would seem cash will be obsolete within a number of years at this point. Once that happens you will loose control of your money. The Central Banks of the world will not have to be so concerned with interest rates. If they go negative and it taxes your bank account what can you do about it? Nothing other than spend all of your money. What a wonderful world…

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Christian Flag Not Coming Down, Says Tenn. School Board

WEB Notes: At every turn they continue to try and wipe away Christianity from this nation. That flag is not hurting or offending a soul. This is about an agenda.

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National debt spikes $578 billion in three weeks

The national debt has surged more than half a trillion dollars in the last three weeks, as the suspension of the debt ceiling in late October has allowed the government to borrow as much as it wants.

Before the debt ceiling was suspended, the national debt stood at $18.15 trillion. But over the last 22 days, it soared $578 billion.

Source: National debt spikes $578 billion in three weeks | Washington Examiner


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