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Date: December 4, 2015 (page 1 of 2)

USA FREEDOM Act: New Law, Same Surveillance

On Saturday, November 28, 2015, the NSA telephone surveillance program ended. Except that it didn’t. The spying program — made famous when former NSA contractor Ed Snowden leaked a trove of secret documents to reporters — has simply continued under different authority. The “new and improved” surveillance may even be worse than before because the required warrants will be issued by a secret court.

When the USA FREEDOM Act became law in June 2015, it was sold to the American people as a solution to the unwarranted surveillance Snowden had revealed. The law was set to take effect November 28, 2015 and “reform” that warrantless surveillance.
Source: USA FREEDOM Act: New Law, Same Surveillance

Obama White House: Terrorists Will Stop Attacking if We Pass Gun Control Laws – Video

WEB Notes: What else would you expect a dictator to say? The fact of the matter is the children of Satan have painted Mooslims in the color of the enemy. They have made them visible to hide themselves. And they are behind every attack and freedom removing trend we see. The children of Satan are the enemy, I hope you all can see through the lies we are given as fact daily.

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27 Major Global Stocks Markets That Have Already Crashed By Double Digit Percentages In 2015

Source: Economic Collapse Blog | Anyone that tries to tell you that a global financial crisis is not happening is not being honest with you.  Right now, there are 27 major global stock markets that have declined by double digit percentages from their peaks earlier this year.  And this is truly a global phenomenon – we have seen stock market crashes in Asia, Europe, South America, Africa and the Middle East.  But because U.S. stocks are only down less than a thousand points from the peak earlier this year, most Americans seem to think that everything is just fine.

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Obama says additional U.S. forces will help squeeze Islamic State

WEB Notes: We are definitely entering a new phase in the theatrics. This lie about ISIS losing X amount of soldiers, bases etc cannot go on forever or even the most asleep individual will wake up too it. Now we see that Germany, the US and Russia are going to place boots on the ground in Syria. Something that would not be necessary if they were fighting ISIS who has bases and cities. So this could potentially be the final leg of Assad in power. Nonetheless it could still stretch on for sometime, but the reports of destruction of ISIS will change. It cannot continue at this rapid pace unless they (children of Satan) are just about done conquering Syria.

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Russia unveils ‘proof’ Turkey’s Erdogan is smuggling Isis oil across border from Syria

WEB Notes: Because they just discovered this right? How many months has the US and Russia been destroying “ISIS tanker trucks”? But they do not know where they go? Give me a break! The satellites in space are so powerful they can read your license plate number at the very least and it has been that way for years. Technology is far more extensive than what many may understand. So when we hear reports of tankers being destroyed, but no news about the facility and network being destroyed there is a lot more going on than meets the eye. Now “good guy” Russia was kind enough to clue the public in on this facility. Did they destroy it yet? Of course not.

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German Bundestag approves sending 1,200 troops on anti-ISIS ‘support’ mission in Syria

Germany’s lower house of parliament has approved joining the military campaign against Islamic State in Syria. Germany will send six Tornado reconnaissance jets, a frigate to help protect the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, refueling aircraft, and up to 1,200 military personnel to Syria, Reuters reported.
Source: German Bundestag approves sending 1,200 troops on anti-ISIS ‘support’ mission in Syria — RT News

Prayer Comes Under Fire in Wake of San Bernardino Shootings

WEB Notes: This will continue to get worse. It is like the parent who does not discipline their child and they wonder why the child acts out. This country and her people booted the Lord our of their houses, schools and even churches for that matter. We have replaced it with sin. What exactly did you think was going to happen?

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San Bernardino Shooters Recently Visited Saudi Arabia, Talked to ISIS Members on FBI Watch List

WEB Notes: This is not a shocker, we said this would happen and I am sure all of you were waiting for a news piece like this as well. So if the US and Western countries are funding ISIS which they are, what does that say for the killing of Americans in San Bernardino?…

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Radiation from Japan nuclear disaster spreads off U.S. shores

Radiation from Japan’s 2011 nuclear disaster has spread off North American shores and contamination is increasing at previously identified sites, although levels are still too low to threaten human or ocean life, scientists said on Thursday. Tests of hundreds of samples of Pacific Ocean water confirmed that Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant continues to leak radioactive isotopes more than four years after its meltdown, said Ken Buesseler, marine radiochemist with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institut…

Source: Radiation from Japan nuclear disaster spreads off U.S. shores – Yahoo News Canada

Firebombs in Athens as Greeks protest EU-imposed pension reforms

Robots expected to run half of Japan by 2035

WEB Notes: This will (is) absolutely happen. Cloud computing will lead the way in many aspects.

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Labor Force Participation Improves Slightly; 94,446,000 Americans Not in Labor Force

WEB Notes: Yet the unemployment rate in this nation is only 5%, you do the math, my calculator must be broken. Of course the Fed said this is a green light for a December rate hike. The Fed is not stupid, they know what a rate hike will cause. The system is not healthy, a rate hike will make things worse. But after all, that is the goal.

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