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Date: December 10, 2015

The Global Economic Reset Has Begun

The cat seems to have finished its bounce and stocks are returning to volatility. Retail sales so far for Black Friday weekend (including Thanksgiving) have posted a staggering 10% drop with online sales below expectations. Chain Store sales have recently crashed 6.3% week over week. Plunging freight rates and global shipping indicate a severe lack of global demand and a terrible sales season ahead. Janet Yellen, ignoring all negative economic signals as predicted, has all but declared a rate hike a given by Dec. 16.

I was, yet again, called crazy for this assertion by some at the time; and to be clear, I could still be wrong. The Fed could pull a fast one and not raise rates, though the rhetoric coming from the fed today almost guarantees they will take action. Not raising rates doesn’t match with their past habits; they seem to be following the timing of the taper model perfectly. The point is, despite common assumptions within the alternative media, the Fed is not “trapped” and can do whatever it wants, including killing the markets if it benefits the greater goal of a global economic authority. With the ZIRP pillar gone, expect even more violent swings in stocks and general uncertainty and panic among day-traders and the public.
Source: The Global Economic Reset Has Begun

Extremists have targeted refugee program to enter US, McCaul says

WEB Notes: In a perfect world there would be no refugee program because the West would not be invading the Middle East. In a perfect world the US would have controlled immigration, not rampant immigration that we see today.

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100,000 foreign troops incl. Americans to be deployed in Iraq, MP claims

WEB Notes: It seems pretty apparent the time for asking for permission is over… I wonder what the US would say if North Korea or some other “feared” enemy told our government they were sending over 100,000 troops…

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Welcome to Berlin’s House of One – a church, synagogue and mosque

WEB Notes: One world religion.

It has been dubbed the “Wonder of Berlin”. And if a Protestant pastor, a rabbi and an imam can realise their shared dream, the world’s first house of prayer for three religions will open its doors in the German capital in four years’ time, with the building costs being paid for by donations.

The unique project is called the “House of One”, and its aim is to provide a place of worship and contemplation for adherents of the world’s three main monotheistic faiths, although the building will also be open to all. It will house a church, a synagogue and a mosque under one roof.

Source: Welcome to Berlin’s House of One – a church, synagogue and mosque | Europe | News | The Independent

Turkish jets strike Kurdish positions in Iraq amid rising tension between Ankara & Baghdad

Ankara carried out airstrikes targeting Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) forces in northern Iraq, the Turkish army said on Wednesday. The action comes in the wake of rising tensions between Ankara and Baghdad over the deployment of Turkish troops in Iraq.

Ten F-16 fighter jets launched an attack between 10pm and 10:50pm on Tuesday, targeting PKK positions in the Kandil, Hakurk, Zap and Avasin-Baysan regions in northern Iraq, the Turkish General Staff said in a statement. It added that the targets were “des
Source: Turkish jets strike Kurdish positions in Iraq amid rising tension between Ankara & Baghdad — RT News

ISIS show off TANKS and military equipment

WEB Notes: Has there ever been a point in history where an army just left perfecting good working equipment laying around so others could take it? Are we to believe there are no tracking devices in these tanks where the US could not locate them? Are we to believe these terrorists simply jumped inside the tank and figured out how to operate it all on their own?

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