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Date: December 12, 2015

Climate Negotiators Hail Historic Paris Draft Agreement

WEB Notes: Are you paying attention to what is unfolding around you? We are witnessing more globalism and agreements from world leaders. Two weeks ago several world leaders called for the world to unite against the world’s common enemy called, “terrorism”. Now they are close to passing a climate bill. Something that has been proven a lie.

“This text will, if you should so decide, be the first universal agreement in the history of climate negotiations,” French President Francois Hollande told the meeting. “This will be a major leap for mankind.”

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10 Things More Likely to Kill You than Islamic Terror

WEB Notes: In nearly 15 years only 45 people have died from terrorism. While 28 people a year die by the mouth of the dog. Maybe we should ban puppies, maybe we should demand all pet stores in the nation close down? Does that make sense to you? Than neither does banning a race of people. The answer is controlled immigration in this nation for all people, but that is not going to happen. Instead they can leave the borders open and invite all the Mooslims they want and then when the next “terror attack” strikes people like me can be blamed for allowing them in. I have yet to see any terror attack in this nation not riddled with holes in the story especially the greatest hoax called 911.

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ISIS oil is going to Assad, some to Turkey, U.S. official says

WEB Notes: Here is the next big lie. Assad is now buying oil from ISIS. And the US knows exactly how much money ISIS has made. How would that even be possible unless they are in on the transaction or it is made up? The US knows where every single oil well is located, it would be impossible not to know where they are. So why are they not taken over by the US or destroyed as Russia likes to do? None of this makes sense, they are purposely allowing this to stretch on because that is a part of the plan. Assad would not buy oil from the ones who are trying to destroy him. None of this makes sense, but that will not stop the public from taking the bait. One more shot at Assad and another reason to remove him from power.

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Feds Launch Facial, Eye Scans Of Foreigners Entering U.S. From Mexico

WEB Notes: You should read this whole article and not the verbiage. This has nothing to do with illegal immigrants. For Heavens sake they leave the border open and now they are concerned? No, the next phase will be everyone being tracked by this additional measure. Look at the walls closing in around us. This article and trump calling for Mooslims to be banned from the country. It starts with one group and spreads to everyone else. History has taught us that much.

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Bruised markets stress over Fed and oil

WEB Notes: It looks like they are actually going to do it. In my opinion this is setting the stage for the next economic event. The system has not repaired itself and cannot survive much longer on the current course, much less a course that raises rates. Will everything crash on Wednesday. Most likely not, it will take time like everything else. In the meantime you may want to read this article.

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Ron Paul: ‘Evangelical Zionism’ The Root Cause of ‘Pro-War Christians’

Putin Orders to Coordinate Russia’s Actions in Syria With US Coalition

WEB Notes: Make sure you take note of this article. What is good guy Putin doing who understands who created ISIS? He is working with the same individuals who created and fund ISIS.

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Text Me? Ping Me? Communications Overload in the Digital Age

WEB Notes: While we live in a wonderful time of high tech communications, do not let it consume you.

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White House Unable To Explain How Gun Control Will Stop Mass Shootings

Syria won’t negotiate with foreign terrorists, but only national & patriotic opposition – Assad

WEB Notes: Bingo. Assad knows what is going on to some degree. He points out the fact that the fighters in his nation are foreign mercenaries.

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