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Date: December 30, 2015

Powerful Solar Storm to Hit Earth Before New Year’s Eve

Here’s one way to end the year on a bright note.A powerful solar storm set to slam Earth today will make for stunning views of the Northern Lights just before New Year’s Eve. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Space Weather Prediction Center said the “strong” storm could allow the Northern Lights to dip as far south as Oregon and Illinois.

Source: Powerful Solar Storm to Hit Earth Before New Year’s Eve – ABC News

“All You Americans Are Fired”

WEB Notes: This article by BuzzFeed does a great job of documenting how American workers are being kicked to the curb in favor of foreign workers. Bringing in foreign workers means lower labor costs and higher profits for the agricultural conglomerates. At every angle we have lost our nation.

Another related article: “New Year’s Surprise: Obama Regulation To Give Work-Permits To Foreign College-Graduates“. Raise your hand if you are surprised… A clip of this article reads,

“Miano slammed the new regulations, and said they reflect Obama’s preference for foreigners over Americans.

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A Crisis Worse than ISIS? Bail-Ins Begin

While the mainstream media focus on ISIS extremists, a threat that has gone virtually unreported is that your life savings could be wiped out in a massive derivatives collapse. Bank bail-ins have begun in Europe, and the infrastructure is in place in the US. Poverty also kills.

At the end of November, an Italian pensioner hanged himself after his entire €100,000 savings were confiscated in a bank “rescue” scheme. He left a suicide note blaming the bank, where he had been a customer for 50 years and had invested in bank-issued bonds. But he might better have blamed the EU and the G20’s Financial Stability Board, which have imposed an “Orderly Resolution” regime that keeps insolvent banks afloat by confiscating the savings of investors and depositors. Some 130,000 shareholders and junior bond holders suffered losses in the “rescue.”

Source: A Crisis Worse than ISIS? Bail-Ins Begin | WEB OF DEBT BLOG

The Plutocrats Are Winning. Don’t Let Them!

In the fall of 2001, in the aftermath of 9/11, as families grieved and the nation mourned, Washington swarmed with locusts of the human kind: wartime opportunists, lobbyists, lawyers, ex-members of Congress, bagmen for big donors: all of them determined to grab what they could for their corporate clients and rich donors while no one was looking.

Across the land, the faces of Americans of every stripe were stained with tears. Here in New York, we still were attending memorial services for our firemen and police. But in the nation’s capital, within sight of a smoldering Pentagon that had been struck by one of the hijacked planes, the predator class was hard at work pursuing private plunder at public expense, gold-diggers in the ashes of tragedy exploiting our fear, sorrow, and loss.

Source: The Plutocrats Are Winning. Don’t Let Them! –

New Ban Bill Hits Congress: Targets Semi-Automatic Rifles & Handguns: “To Ensure That The Right To Keep and Bear Arms Is NOT Unlimited”

Source: Mac Slavo of SHTFplan | In the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings we warned that sweeping changes were in the works for Americans’ right to bear arms. It started with ammunition tax proposals, restrictions on firearm accessories imports and most recently Governors began bypassing Congress altogether by banning gun ownership for those on any of the government’s many watchlists. The Obama administration has also targeted licensed firearms sellers across the United States by forcing banks to treat them like pornography businesses and impeding their access to transaction processing systems and business banking accounts.

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U.S. Carrier Harry S. Truman Has Close Call With Iranian Rockets

WEB Notes: We just mentioned the other day Iran was going to start making the news again and here is the second article now about some misdeed by Iran. I remember listening to a radio program ten years ago when Iran was in the news. A military personal mentioned on the program how Iran and the US always had close calls in the Gulf and that what was being reported was merely hype. I wonder how much of that we have here. If Iran is stupid enough to play these games at some point the US will take advantage of it and launch the next phase in the globalization of the world.

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The Rise Of The Temp Economy: More U.S. Employers Than Ever Want A ‘Disposable Workforce’

In this day and age it seems like almost everything is disposable, and many employers have found that they can make a lot more money if they have a workforce that can be turned on and off like a faucet.In America today, there are more than 17 million “independent workers”, and they represent a bigger share of the workforce than ever before. Federal laws give a lot of protection to “full-time workers”, but for temporary and contract employees it is a much different story.

Source: The Rise Of The Temp Economy: More U.S. Employers Than Ever Want A ‘Disposable Workforce’ » Infowars Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

Chinese Army Allowed to Carry Out Anti-Terror Operations Abroad

China’s legislature passed the country’s first anti-terrorism law on Sunday, making it legal for the People’s Liberation Army to take part in counter-terrorism missions abroad.China has approved the law at a critical time for the country and for the world at large: terrorist attacks in Paris, the bombing of a Russian passenger jet over Egypt, and the rise of Daesh (Islamic State) are all pointing to the ever-growing threat of terrorism.

Source: Chinese Army Allowed to Carry Out Anti-Terror Operations Abroad

Worst flooding in the last 50 years hits Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina and Brasil

Widespread flooding across Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil over the last 7 days forced more than 150 000 people to evacuate their homes and claimed 6 lives so far. The floods are the worst to hit the area in the last 50 years, according to the local authorities.A few days of persistent heavy rainfalls are thought to be enhanced by the El Nino weather phenomenon. The rains caused three large rivers in the region to swell with water.

Source: Worst flooding in the last 50 years hits Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina and Brasil

‘I helped create ISIS’: Iraq War veteran says US policy caused ‘blowback’ in Middle East

Saying he had “helped create ISIS,” an Iraq War veteran and US Marine is speaking out about the atrocities and criminal activities he and his fellow soldiers engaged in during the Iraq War, claiming he knew it would lead to “blowback” in the Middle East. Former Marine Vincent Emanuele’s acknowledgement of responsibility comes in an article that was posted on TeleSUR’s English website, in which he hoped to answer the often raised question of “Where did ISIS come from?”

Source: ‘I helped create ISIS’: Iraq War veteran says US policy caused ‘blowback’ in Middle East — RT USA


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