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Frank Sinatra – The Little Drummer Boy

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Merry Christmas from World Events and the Bible!

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  1. Along with all these wonderful comments, I too wish all my fellow believers a merry Christmas. May Father continue to bless us all with eyes to see and ears to hear.

  2. So very Thankful for YHVH//YESHUA’ Tender Love and Mercies toward His children.
    God’s Blessing’s to ALL our brothers and sisters and your families in Christ, as we Praise and Celebrate The Birth of our Lord Christ Jesus during this Season of The Most Precious Gift of Love from our Father, in Jesus name.

  3. I am very grateful to have been led to this site by a strong Christian lady. Brandon does such a great job, and the regular commentators bring out great points and truth. I just want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and may our God be with us all in the coming New Year, which we know will be very eventful. Brandon, keep up the good work my friend, and God’s blessing to you and your family this Christmas.

  4. Brandon thank you GREAT selection i remember growing up as a kid this song was one of my favorites.In honor of YHVH have a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND YOUR FAMILY.ALSO WANT TO SAY MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS YHVH’S BLESSING TO ALL AND PROTECTION.

  5. That was just lovely! As we near the day, that our Heavenly Father, God YHVH…joined us in the flesh, knowing full well…that He did not ask as to do…something HE would *not* do Himself. He knew HE had to come as the *ULTIMATE* Sacrificial Lamb…to *ATONE* for *all* flesh sinners, who will *REPENT*…and accept HIM, as our LORD & SAVIOUR…as well as to *DEFEAT* Death, which is to say the Devil!
    Ahhh YES! How forever grateful we are…for such an *AWESOME* Gift…One *without* blemish or sin…exhibiting such Love and Tender Mercy! We acknowledge that O’ LORD! As we *CELEBRATE* Your *CONCEPTION*…this time of year! Blessed or Happy indeed are we…for that wonderful Grace and Mercy, that walked us through! We’re living this moment…because of *YOU*! And we want to thank YOU LORD!
    NO *GREATER* GIFT! We’ll gladly pay the Debt owed, that saved a wretch like me, from certain HELL!
    We thank YOU LORD!
    I hope you enjoy this wonderful ‘fave’ of mine….which I’m sharing with *all* of you, my dear brothers and sisters in CHRIST…and whomsoever else will! It came to mind, as I think of what this *CELEBRATION* is truly all about…CHRIST YESHUA…AND HIS GRACE AND MERCY for us…as HE joined us in the *FLESH*…to make this Day possible for us sinners and believers…and whosoever else will open their hearts to receive HIM, as their LORD & PERSONAL *SAVIOR*!
    MERRY CHRISTMAS! To Brandon and family and to all my dear brothers and
    sisters and your respective families, as we celebrate, praise and worship together in spirit, with our loved ones….the *CONCEPTION* of our LORD AND SAVIOR’*…Who has made…this *JOYOUS* Season possible…in CHRIST YESHUA!

  6. A beautiful rendition of this classic Christmas collection by Frank Sinatra..Merry Christmas and wishing all a Happy new Year, Lovescarlett2011

  7. That is a great version!! Merry Christmas to you and your family, Brandon!

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