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M6.0 earthquake Balleny Islands

Earthquake - San Andreas Fault

Image Courtesy: Wiki Commons – ikluft

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SHOCK: Feds Set Up Third World-style Checkpoint, Demand Ranchers’ IDs at Gunpoint

9 Ways to Stop Cooperating with the Ruling Elite’s Control System

WEB Notes: Most people in their heart of hearts know this country is going downhill fast. They know we are losing freedoms. The problem is no one wants to put forward the effort to make a stand.

Recently someone told me law enforcement approached them and asked what they were doing in a parking lot and proceeded to get their ID. This individual was doing nothing wrong and their response was, they knew the cop did not have a reason to ask him what he was doing much less ask him for his ID, but it was easier to provide it. This is why our rights become so easily broken, because we do not check law enforcement. While this article makes some great points they left out our Father and that is a grave mistake.

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Crushed Currency, Oil, Domestic Demand Broadside Small Businesses in Canada, Worst since March 2009

Owners of small businesses in Canada have been feeling the blues for months. And in January, their optimism dropped to the lowest level since March 2009, the trough of the Financial Crisis.

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At least 45 killed in Damascus suburb bombings, ISIS claims responsibility

The Shipping News Says the World Economy Is Toast

WEB Notes: Now Bloomberg is talking about it. Check the source link for all of the charts.

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Zika Outbreak Epicenter in Same Area Where GM Mosquitoes Were Released in 2015

WEB Notes: It seems like every year there is some disease that threatens to wipe out the world. Last year it was Ebola and that should have killed everyone by now according to their reports. Now we have the “Zika” virus and of course it centers where GMO mosquitoes were released. Can man just leave the earth alone?

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Superbright Mars Arrives This Spring

This spring, Mars will appear the biggest and brightest it’s been in over a decade, and here are the best times to see it.

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Hillary Clinton: My Beliefs are aligned with the Ten Commandments

WEB Notes: There is a video at the source link you can watch. Exactly what ten commandments is she talking about? Maybe this one. It surely is not the Law of our Father. We have been harping on it for awhile now, but we are going to harp some more. What did Christ tell us to do with respect to other peoples actions? Watch the fruits (Matthew 7:16). Someone can claim they are a Christian all they want, but that does not mean you need to believe them. Simply watch their actions, test their fruit and it will become very clear to you if they are a Christian or not.

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Primary Silver Mining Company To Cut Production 25% In 2016

The low price of silver has finally claimed is first victim. Endeavour Silver announced that it will cut silver production by 25% in 2016. The company has three mines working in Mexico and will produce 7.2 million oz (Moz) of silver in 2015. However, Endeavour plans to shut down production of one of their mines by the end of 2016 and put it on care and maintenance. According to Endeavour Silver’s press release:

Source: IT BEGINS… Primary Silver Mining Company To Cut Production 25% In 2016 : SRSrocco Report

Helicopter Money Arrives: Switzerland To Hand Out $2500 Monthly To All Citizens

With Citi’s chief economist proclaiming “only helicopter money can save the world now,” and the Bank of England pre-empting paradropping money concerns, it appears that Australia’s largest investment bank’s forecast that money-drops were 12-18 months away was too conservative. While The Finns consider a “basic monthly income” for the entire population, Swiss residents are to vote on a countrywide referendum about a radical plan to pay every single adult a guaranteed income of around $2500 per month, with authorities insisting that people will still want to find a job.

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US, Britain, France Ready Military Action In Libya As ISIS Closes In On Country’s Oil

The country’s inability to come to some manner of political consensus has opened the door for ISIS which recently mounted a series of assaults on the country’s oil infrastructure. Earlier this month, Libya’s National Oil Corp issued a “cry for help” in the midst of the fighting. “Pray for us,” a spokesman for Ibrahim Jadhran (the militia leader who controls the forces tasked with guarding the nation’s oil) said.

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