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Date: January 16, 2016 (page 1 of 2)

Markets Suffer Their Worst Start to the Year Since Great Depression

WEB Notes: Mainstream news here with this headline. Everyone keeps blaming this all on China, but the truth is this is a much larger event that is taking place. None of the financial markets are healthy nor have they been in years. When one falls they will all come down period.

We posted a lot about the economic situation today as it is turning very negative. Ensure you and your family are paying attention. Birth pains do not subside, they only increase and we are seeing that right now. I believe the economic system will be a major tool in bringing about the fall of the current world order which is needed in order to form a new world order government.

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Market Crash Robs $2.3 Trillion from Investors

WEB Notes: When the mainstream media continually tells you how bad things are getting, that is usually the setup for the next down turn. We saw this is 2007-2008 as well. We believe when you start to see trillions “vanish” from the markets, we have entered new economic territory. Also note, this is note for global markets, this is only for the U.S. market.

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Glutted Oil Market Faces New Flood From Iran. Oil at $20 is the New $40

WEB Notes: The Iranian oil article can be found here. I hear everyone saying how there is a lot of oil out on the market which is bringing the price per barrel down. That is obvious. The better question is who and why do they continue to buy the oil further bringing the price down? Read the article below. Global oil inventories are at record highs and in China oil tankers await off the coast full of oil. None of this makes sense. Then we have the report Iran will provide more oil. Who is buying and why are they all producing what appears to be record amounts? I do not know the answer to those questions, but I do know it is helping to bring down the world’s economic system.

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Gerald Celente – “Economic Panic? No. “All Is Well” Says Obama”

New York Fed President Says “If Economy Weakens Further, Would Consider Negative Rates”

Remember when the Fed’s dots – less than a month ago – suggested there would be 4 rate hikes in 2016? Ah, the memories. Well, you can not only forget that (now that the market is estimating the next rate hike will come in October if ever), but it appears that the Fed will follow Kocherlakota’s advice after all and not only cut rates (the possibility of a January rate cut now is 10%), but will pass go, and collect negative rates:

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Retail Sales in U.S. Decrease to End Weakest Year Since 2009

Sales at U.S. retailers declined in December to wrap the weakest year since 2009, raising concern about the momentum in consumer spending heading into 2016.

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The Gender-Neutral Bathroom Revolution Is Growing

San Francisco has long been considered one of America’s most—if not the most–LGBT friendly cities. Yet in at least one increasingly watched area, the city has fallen behind. On Monday, San Francisco Supervisor David Campos took the first substantive steps toward changing that when he announced plans to introduce a bill that would make many city bathrooms gender-neutral.

Source: The Gender-Neutral Bathroom Revolution Is Growing | TIME

A Recession Worse Than 2008 is Coming

WEB Notes: Take note, this is coming from the mainstream media. I would say we never left the recession.

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CBS Show ‘Angel From Hell’ Mocks Christianity

WEB Notes: Last week it was, “Fox TV: “Lucifer is Coming” now this. It feels like we have reached the top of the roller coaster and it will be very fast paced events moving forward.

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Dow Tumbles 391 Points Amid Global Rout

Investor anxiety deepened Friday as a familiar medley of fresh lows in oil prices, stumbling Chinese stocks and weak U.S. economic data sent the Dow Jones Industrial Average to its biggest one-day percentage drop since early September.

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Venezuela Declares Emergency Due to Economic Collapse

The Venezuelan government announces a 60-day economic emergency to deal with the country’s worsening crisis. President Nicolas Maduro will govern by decree for two months.

Source: Venezuela economy: Nicolas Maduro declares emergency – BBC News

Puerto Rico ‘in midst of economic collapse’

Puerto Rico’s economy is collapsing, US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew said Friday as he announced a visit to the US territory two weeks after its debt default.

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