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Date: January 19, 2016

Christian persecution reached record high in 2015

WEB Notes: The funding of ISIS by Western powers had everything to do with this. It is the reason for all of the chaos and disruption in the Middle East.

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Wednesday: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn to align in night sky – Video

More than 10,000 dead squid wash ashore in Chile reason unknown – Video

Last month’s die-off was said to be the biggest single event of its kind known to science, more than 330 whales found washed up in a remote inlet in southern Chile, this week it’s thousands of squidPelicans, dolphins and penguins also on the list.

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New World Order vs. America

No longer can the critics of the NWO be called kooks, believing in a weird conspiracy. That kind of dismissal will not fly. The press abounds with admissions from well-known politicians, captains of finance, movers and shakers of all kinds. The need for silence about reality does not exist. The plan succeeded. The New World Order rules.

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Apple, Microsoft allegedly use cobalt sourced from child labor in DR Congo – Amnesty

WEB Notes: This is one reason why 62 people own more than 3.6 billion people.

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62 Members Of The Elite Have As Much Money As The Poorest 3.6 Billion People On The Entire Planet

WEB Notes: “The total wealth of the poorest half of the global population has plunged by 41 percent since 2010.” How is that for economic recovery? You know the system is broken when 62 people own more than 3.6 billion people. Our economic system is debt based and none of this is by accident or chance. All of this is by design and you can see how quickly ordinary peoples wealth is being removed.

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Ecological Disaster After Disaster: Is Technology Worth the Price Humans Have to Pay? – Video

Who pays the price when technology goes wrong, fails, makes a mistake, malfunctions, or is not developed or utilized properly? The answer is ordinary, everyday humans who work to provide food, clothing and shelter for themselves and their families.

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More Than 18,000 Civilians Killed in Iraq in 2015

WEB Notes: Visit the source and look at the destruction in the photo.

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Gas wars: A gallon is just 46 cents here

LGBT-only refugee shelter to open in Berlin

WEB Notes: By any other standard this would be considered a “hate crime”.

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14 mln people in Southern Africa face hunger due to drought: UN agency

The World Food Program (WFP) estimated that 14 million people are facing hunger in Southern Africa due to prolonged dry spells that led to a poor harvest last year, said a UN spokesperson here on Monday.

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