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Hawaii volcano eruption: EXPLOSIONS rock Big Island while lava keeps devastating houses

Express.co.uk - 2 hours ago
What has been called by geologists one of the biggest eruption cycles ever recorded in Hawaii looks far from being over as three explosions marked the latest outburst of ash and volcanic smog from...

Hawaii volcano eruption is scaring away tourists but local businessman says it shouldn't

CNBC - 3 days ago
The eruption of the Kilauea volcano on Hawaii's Big Island will certainly hurt the island's economy – but it doesn't necessarily have to, one local business owner told CNBC on...

Kilauea volcano: Tide of lava destroys 82 buildings in Hawaii and hits tourism

Sky News - 13 hours ago
... have already been affected by ash. Though lava destruction from the volcano is confined to about a 10sq mile area, the eruption has hit the island's tourist-driven economy as potential...

Thousands flee volcano eruption

Disaster News Network - 9 hours ago
Faith organizations including Episcopalians in Hawaii have thrown their support behind volcano relief efforts this month as lava, ash and toxic gas from eruptions of Kilauea continue to destroy...

Family moved to Hawaii days before volcano erupted

whnt.com - 11 hours ago
MONTEREY, Calif. — The Parr family had one dream: move from Santa Cruz, California, to Hawaii and live a simpler life. The family made the leap over the Pacific Ocean by selling their house in...

Hawaii volcano eruption in numbers: Homes DESTROYED, lava mileage, total fissures and cost

Express.co.uk - 2 days ago
Eruptions along Big Island's Lower East Rift Zone continue as Hawaiian authorities warned of a new lava flow expected to enter the Pacific Ocean within hours. Toxic gases and ash emissions...

Hawaii volcano eruption: Is this the beginning

or the end? - 5 days ago
Lava flows and a series of earthquakes, have now been followed by large clouds of toxic fumes and tiny glass-like particles known as "laze", from Hawaii's erupting volcano, Kilauea....

Kīlauea Volcano: Eruptions, lava flows continue to threaten residents

AccuWeather.com - 3 days ago
As the eruption at Hawaii's Kīlauea Volcano continues to evolve, the multitude of dangerous threats to residents shows no signs of subsiding. The number of fissures that have cracked open is now...

Photos: All the scariest natural disasters are happening at once

Quartz - 12 hours ago
Nature has strange, sudden, and often terrifying ways of reminding us of the precariousness of life on Earth. Over the past several weeks, a series of startling natural events have produced...

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