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Date: February 6, 2016

Bible Verse of the Day: Psalm 97:10

Bible Verse of the Day

Psalm 97:10

“Ye that love the LORD, hate evil: he preserveth the souls of his saints; he delivereth them out of the hand of the wicked.”

Citi: World economy trapped in ‘death spiral’

WEB Notes: Nothing more says doom and gloom on a Saturday morning than the mainstream media saying ‘the global economy is trapped in a death spiral’. Our readers understand the world is at a very vulnerable moment by design of course and they also know what they should do to prepare for the days ahead.

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Obama at Prayer Breakfast: I Draw Strength From ‘People of All Faiths Who Do Lord’s Work Each Day’

WEB Notes: Jesus Christ is the same today and forever. He does not change, he does not sway in His Word. Instead He remains solid and constant. We do not draw strength from people of other faiths. Turn your Bible with me to,

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U.K. Targets Christians and Homeschoolers in “Extremism” Scheme

Under the guise of battling “extremism” and “radicalization,” authorities in the United Kingdom announced plans to crack down on homeschooling families and even on church-run Sunday-school programs for children. The public at large is being told that the dizzying array of proposed new government “extremism” schemes are aimed at stopping groups such as the Islamic State and other jihadists from “radicalizing” children.

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Radicalization probe uncovers video of gang rape by migrants in Belgium

WEB Notes: These type of headlines are running everywhere right now and have been since the escalation of Western influence in Syria. What exactly did the European leaders think was going to happen? Did they think they were only going to get good citizens? The U.S. deals with this as well from Mexico. We allow illegal immigrants into the nation who by default are law breakers and we expect them to contribute positively to our culture? We have idiots running the nations of the world and more dangerous yet, useful idiots who are doing the work of the children of Satan.

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Debt, defaults, and devaluations: why this market crash is like nothing we’ve seen before

WEB Notes: This is a mainstream media news article. The mainstream is continuing to tell the populace that the global economy is headed south. This seems like confirmation now of where we are going. I recall from 2007-2008 the media denied there was a collapse until we were well on the way.

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Second sinkhole opens along the Beach Boulevard, California – Video

Six Members Resign From London Metal Exchange

Simple new blood test could spot 5 deadly cancers in early stages – study

US scientists have found a genetic marker indicative of breast, bowel, lung, womb and stomach cancer and probably many other types of cancer. It means a simple blood test could be used to diagnose the deadly disease in its early stages, the study says.

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New humanitarian crisis developing on Turkish border as thousands of Syrians flee Aleppo in face of regime’s Russian-backed advance

WEB Notes: Notice there was not a humanitarian crisis until the city was bombed by Russia. The nations of the world continue to ruin the nation of Syria and call it fighting terrorism.

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