If you’re ready to see blooming flowers and sunny skies, it may help to know that this year’s spring equinox will be the earliest to arrive in 120 years, largely because of an old rule governing leap years, experts said.

There are two equinoxes (taken from the Latin words aequus for “equal” and nox for “night”) each year, marking the start of spring and fall. On these days, there are nearly equal amounts of daylight and darkness.

Usually, the spring equinox happens on March 20 or 21. But the 2016 spring equinox will happen during the very early hours of Sunday (March 20) at 12:30 a.m. EDT, making it the earliest spring equinox since 1896. [6 Signs Spring Has Sprung]

Source: Why 2016 Will Have the Earliest Spring Equinox Since 1896


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