WEB Notes: More and more calls for world government and that is exactly what this is. Merging of militaries, etc is the formation of a world order. We are nearing the next phase of globalism.

The ‘remain’ campaign has been hit with a bombshell claim after reports of secret plans to form an EU army emerged on the morning of 27 May. The blueprint is apparently being drawn up by Brussels and is being kept from UK voters until after the 23 June referendum.

The plans include new European military and operational structures and the EU’s foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, has apparently spent a year and a half preparing the defence document for a 28 June summit, The Times reports.

“The former heads of Nato, MI5 and MI6 have all said our country’s national security is threatened if we leave. That’s why we’re safer remaining in Europe.”

Source: EU referendum: Plans for EU army ‘kept secret’ until after Brexit vote


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