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Germany to boost military role on world stage “to actively help shape the global order”

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WEB Notes: No longer do nations keep secret what their agenda is and neither do the citizens of their respective countries care or pay attention for the most part. The nations militaries are merging and working alongside one another in an effect to combine efforts against what? “Terrorism” which is the common enemy of mankind now, do not bother to mention a manufactured one. Russia was thrown in this article as an enemy which is ridiculous. Russia and China will be called enemies so the citizens of these nations will see the good in forming more coalitions and military partnerships, but the truth of the matter is they are all working together already; yes Russia and China as well. It is simply the fear of Russia or China attacking that is being used to help form this new stage of global order and when that fear is gone Russia and China will openly join it as well and terrorism will vanish and we will then see the words fulfilled, “Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?” (Revelation 13:4).

Germany is ready to take on a bigger military role to maintain global security, according to a government white paper. The draft document indicates a possible shift away from Germany’s postwar era of military restraint.

The government’s position paper on security policy, seen by media outlets on Friday, said Germany was increasingly seen as a “key player” in Europe, and had “a responsibility to actively help shape the global order.”

It added that Germany could do more at a time when the global community was grappling with threats including terrorism waged by “Islamic State,” cybercrime and a more aggressive Russia. At the same time, however, the paper pointed out that there would be clear limits to Berlin’s contribution.

Source: Draft paper: Germany to boost military role on world stage | News | DW.COM | 27.05.2016

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