WEB Notes: This so called church is not a house of God and that is not a man of God either. What do people not get? God’s Word is clear on the matter, homosexuality is a sin. You cannot be a man of God and have sex with another man. That is an abomination in the sight of the Lord and who are the fools attending this so called house of God? God does not dwell there, but another spirit does.

Pastor David Meredith, an ordained minister of the United Methodist Church, married his boyfriend of 28 years on Saturday in a potent protest against church doctrine that bans ministers from marrying same-sex partners.

“I am completely aware that there are consequences, but I am not afraid,” Meredith told BuzzFeed News in a phone call before the ceremony, pointing out he could be defrocked, removed from his congregation in Cincinnati, and lose his income.

Source: This Methodist Minister Just Broke Church Rules By Marrying His Husband – BuzzFeed News


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