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Date: June 15, 2016 (page 1 of 2)

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Bible Verse of the Day: Psalm 103:13

Bible Verse of the Day

Psalm 103:13

“Like as a father pitieth his children, so the LORD pitieth them that fear him.”

Jeh Johnson: Gun control is now a matter of homeland security

WEB Notes: The government is stepping up their rhetoric and will continue to push for more gun control measures. As they do, Americans continue to purchase firearms in record numbers in anticipation of such an event.

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US Industrial Output Fell in May; Auto Production Plummeted

Falling auto production fueled a broader decline in U.S. industrial output in May, a potentially worrying sign that manufacturers face economic challenges.

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Rolling Stone: Why It’s Time to Repeal the Second Amendment

WEB Notes: Do you see the physiology being used here? The author says, “I teach the Constitution for a living”. This statement is used to show you he cares about our nations history and what America is really about, that he is an expert and one that should be listened too. Two sentences later,

“But sometimes we just have to acknowledge that the Founders and the Constitution are wrong. This is one of those times. We need to say loud and clear: The Second Amendment must be repealed.”

This is treason against our founding document and how many people in your daily life even mentioned it? These words are very powerful. People see the shoot out on TV and hear it was by a terrorist using firearms. All of this together forms the thought we need to ban firearms to be safer and continue our war on terror in the middle east to wipe them out. This is suggestive control over our minds and it has worked outstanding for the children of Satan except for a small portion of the population who can actually think for themselves.

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Southern Baptists Help Build US Mosques in Interfaith Coalition

WEB Notes: We continue to see more and more of this and these are so called ministers of God.

John 14:6
“Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”

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Damascus says German special forces present in Syria, Berlin denies claim

Damascus has reacted angrily to claims that German special forces are present in the Ain al-Arab and Manbij areas of northern Syria, along with French troops on the ground, describing the alleged move as an “overt unjustified aggression on Syria’s sovereignty.”

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Strategists in Europe foresee dire consequences in Fed’s reluctance to raise interest rates

WEB Notes: The Federal Reserve which is NOT a Federal bank, but a privately owned bank is not serving the interests of the United States, but of the globalists. The media never gets it right even though the truth slaps them in the face. The Federal Reserve started a crisis when they were created in 1913. Since then the dollar has lost 98% of its value. If that is not a crisis I do not know what is, but hey it was in the past, your inheritance has been wiped out who cares right? How about 2008 and the bailout of the world? Former history right? That seems to be most peoples attitudes, they are robbed of millions and they do not care. Yet if someone broke into their vehicle and stole a $20 pair of sunglasses they would flip their lid. How easily people are manipulated.

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Iran’s Khamenei threatens to ‘set fire’ to nuclear deal if West violates

WEB Notes: At some point we are either going to see an armed conflict or a major political crisis in Iran. Their government will be changed to one that is controlled by Global Powers. If Iran shredded this peace deal it would not be more welcomed by the globalists. They will then say they tried to secure peace between the West and Iran, but they failed to keep the deal. Just as outlined in their document titled, “Which Path to Persia?“.

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Netanyahu: Israel Will ‘Never Accept’ Palestinian State, End of Settlements

WEB Notes: This guy would fit right in with our government officials. He says he is for it and then the next he is not. On and on it goes. The truth is he is not for it and never will be.

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ISIS Praises Mateen as ‘Lion of Caliphate,’ Urges Attacks at Theaters, Hospitals, Amusement Parks

WEB Notes: The government and mainstream media would have you believe an ISIS member is behind every bush with a suitcase nuke ready to get you. This article documents ISIS has no “terror network ready to strike.” If they did they would have done so long ago. It is the same line we heard 10 years ago about Al-Quada. New terrorist group name, same game.

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Food riots kill one more in Venezuela

A man was shot dead on Tuesday during looting and food riots proliferating round crisis-hit Venezuela, an opposition legislator said, bringing to at least four the number of fatalities from this month’s wave of unrest.

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