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Date: July 2, 2016

Bible Verse of the Day: Proverbs 14:34

Bible Verse of the Day

Proverbs 14:34

“Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.”

California Governor Signs Legislation Limiting Assault Weapons and Ammunition Purchases

WEB Notes: They pull this when California and the rest of the nation is trying to enjoy some time off work and celebrate what little is left of our “Independence“. More gun laws, more destruction of our rights. These laws will take effect next year (January 2017).

The California Governor signed six gun bills into law, abominations always seem to come in sixes. Next year, those who wish to purchase ammunition in California will have to under go a background check to do so. I am sure there will be an additional cost associated and this means another waiting game just to purchase ammunition. Arguably even worse and quoted from this article,

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Judge Strikes Down Religious Freedom Law Protecting Right to Decline Part in Same-Sex Ceremonies

A federal judge has blocked a Mississippi law intended to allow people who object on religious grounds to decline services for homosexual ceremonies.

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TREASURIES-U.S. 30-year yield hits lowest since 1950s as bonds rally

The U.S. 30-year bond yield touched 2.189 percent in overseas trading earlier on Friday. This was the lowest level since the 1950s, Bank of America Merrill Lynch data showed.

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Puerto Rico makes historic default on general obligation bonds

The deeply indebted island defaulted Friday on debt that is supposed to be guaranteed by the Puerto Rican constitution. In other words, Puerto Rico was supposed to pay creditors who hold general obligation bonds before paying anyone else, even police.

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Dow, S&P 500 shake off Brexit, log best week of 2016

WEB Notes: The best week for U.S. stocks for the entire year happened days after the “Brexit” echoing the comments we made yesterday.

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EU migration to Germany ‘hits record high’

Immigration to Germany from other European Union countries hit a new record of over 685,000 people last year, led by Romanians, Poles and Bulgarians, Die Welt daily said Saturday, citing official figures.

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Democrats drop platform requirement that illegals learn English for amnesty

The Democratic Party delivered a huge win to immigration activists in its party platform draft released Friday, taking a liberal stance in sharp contrast to Republican proposals.

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New Site Feature: Biblical Maps

Dear Readers,

We are adding a new feature to our site, Biblical Maps. We believe these maps will assist the Bible student in gaining a better understanding of the historical locations of Biblical lands.

Starting Sunday July 3rd we will post one Biblical Map a day for seven days. These maps will be available for future reference via the “Resources” link at the top of our site (Resources –> Bible Resources –> Maps).

We hope you enjoy this new feature. Thank you for being a part of World Events and the Bible.


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