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Question 1:

Name: Helix
Question: Is it the Kenites or Muslims behind the atrocities? Someone is pulling the strings. Are we to hate Muslims? I do not hate them but I despise Isis and wish them dead. Am I wrong?


Name: Brandon T. Ward
Answer: Thank you for the question Helix.

The Muslims are not behind the events taking place in our world. The children of Satan are and have always been the cause of wars in our world. Christians and Muslims have lived together in peace for thousands of years, even in places like Iran where we are constantly told the opposite. It is the children of Satan who have chosen to pit the Christians and Muslims against one another and it has worked flawlessly for them. Think about that, the two largest religions in the world are at war with one another while those who claim to be of Judah and do lie are embraced by the Christian. Divide and conquer is the method of operation for the children of Satan and this conflict makes it very apparent. Though Arabs and True Israel are actually blood through Abraham, they have allowed themselves to be divided and as Christ told us, “if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand(Mark 3:25). We should not hate anyone, hate is a terrible thing and blinds us from the truth.

We have documented over and over on this site terrorist organizations like ISIS have and are being funded by the West including our own nation. The wars that have and are raging in the Middle East are not being fought by Muslims who truly believe we must die. They are being fought by Arabs who are paid mercenaries. If the West stopped the funding the wars would be over by the next day. The people fighting in Syria for example are not even Syrians. The acts some of these terrorists perform are absolutely against the Quran which documents in itself they are not even believers in their own false religion. The fact that the greatest super powers on the face of the earth cannot stop the 28,000 man army of ISIS documents in itself there is no true intent to stop them, but to keep the lie going in order to continue the push for a one world government.

We see hordes from the Middle East migrating unabated into the Christian nations to finish destroying our countries. This is yet another ploy and plot by the children of Satan and we see it working perfectly. The West has opened their arms to these hordes who are mostly from third world nations and what do you expect from that? A culture shock.

Meanwhile, the United States leaves their borders open and the government actually allows and welcomes illegal immigrants into the nation. That spells one thing, doom. Doom for any nation who hopes to hold onto its culture and heritage.

For me it cannot be anymore apparent who controls who. The Christian nations which have been the greatest nations on earth are falling and falling fast. The two biggest religions are warring with one another while the true enemy conceals their heritage behind another false religion. Many people cannot see the events unfolding in our world, but I pray and hope you do.

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Question 2:

Name: David
Question: Eve was beguiled by Satan and I understand the Satan’s seed and off spring, but the Bible does state Eve took of the fruit and also gave unto her husband, and he did eat, is there anything more in the Bible to shed more light as to what Adam actually did, I know he didn’t eat an apple or some other fruit?


Name: Brandon T. Ward
Answer: David, thank you for the question.

It sounds like you are familiar with the account in the Garden and I have included our study on this subject below for reference. The account in the Garden is a euphemism, so naturally we are not going to be told the specific details. All we know is what you have stated. The fruit is essentially the work or act of the incident. My opinion would be that Adam played a role in the sexual encounter, this does not mean it was a homosexual one which I highly doubt. It is most likely Eve was the center of attention and I will leave it at that.

Additional Reading: The Garden of Eden: The Origins of Satan’s Seed



Question 3:

Name: Byron
Question: Have you considered writing a Bible Study on the Deadly Wound? In today’s world I would think many would find this helpful. Thank you for all you do!


Name: Brandon T. Ward
Answer: Byron, thank you for the question.

Edit: The Bible study mentioned below is titled, “The Timeline of the Tribulation“. Chapter 4 is titled, “The Deadly Wound“.

We are actually working on a multi-chapter study that does include a chapter on the Deadly Wound among other end times events. We have no dates for publication at this time, but are working hard to complete the work. Thank you for your interest and thoughts.


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