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British Air Strikes in Iraq and Syria increase by 85%, More than 15,000 Coalition Strikes

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WEB Notes: Look at the bombs being used and the amount of bombing missions, then look at photos of Syria’s infrastructure. Then ask yourself a really tough question… Who is destroying Syria? The answer should be obvious.

Analysis of data released by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) shows that British air strikes in Iraq and Syria in the first half of the year increased by an enormous 85% over the previous six months.

FoI data as well as updates published on the MoD’s website show that 249 strikes were launched from British aircraft and drones between July and December 2015, while 464 strikes were launched in the first six months of 2016.

As of the 30 June, the UK has carried out a total of 944 air strikes in Iraq and Syria since September 2014 and it’s likely that the UK will reach the significant milestone of 1,000 air strikes this month. More than 13,500 strikes have been launched by the Coalition as a whole, the vast majority by the USAF. However it should be remember that the term ‘air strike’ can cover a variety of attacks, ranging from a single weapon launched at one target, to multiple weapons launched at different targets within the same area. In July 2015 the UK changed the way it traditionally calculated air strikes adopting instead the US methodology. This resulted in around a 30% drop in the recorded number of strikes. See this letter from the MoD explaining the different methodologies.

Source: British Air Strikes in Iraq and Syria increase by 85%, More than 15,000 Coalition Strikes | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

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