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Date: August 2, 2016

China Moves Forward With SDR Issuance In August

When Bloomberg reported late last year that China founded a working group to explore the use of the supranational Special Drawing Rights (SDR) currency, nobody took heed.

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U.S. Spends $17 Billion to Arm Struggling Afghan Armed Forces

WEB Notes: Does the media forget what they report? Why do they not call out the government for their support of terrorism? Three years ago we posted about the United States providing the Taliban with government contracts. Now you really know where that $17 billion dollars has gone. That is your tax money, to fund destabilization in other nations and create fear and terror in our own nation for a desired result. Common sense should tell us if $17 billion were really spent against the enemy, the enemy would not succeed. If the enemy is succeeding in light of this either their funding is far greater or we are being lied to about where the money is going.

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Bible Verse of the Day: James 1:22

Bible Verse of the Day

James 1:22

“But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.”

Libya: US launches airstrikes on ISIS targets

WEB Notes: Visit the source article and notice the Toyota truck name facing the camera. Those ISIS’ sure like those Toyota trucks. I have seen less advertising on TV shows. I can see their new theme already, “Toyota, built terrorist tough!”

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U.S. Border Protection Agcy. Advertises SAFE ZONES for Illegal Aliens

Just about any illegal alien can avoid arrest by following these simple rules, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) advertises in a post on its website’s homepage.

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Hillary Clinton: ‘I Don’t Want To Repeal Second Amendment, I Want To Regulate It’ – Video

WEB Notes: Listen to the way they talk in these videos to play on the public and how they word their sentences. Save the children. We have firearms to protect our children. They turn right upside down. obama states other nations have strict gun control laws and they have no shootings. I suppose France is not one of those nations… This whole “debate” is not open for discussion, we have the right to bear arms, period.

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Satanic Temple Seeks to Bring ‘After School Satan Club’ to Elementary Schools Nationwide

WEB Notes: That did not take long. It was a single school the other day, now the “Satanic Temple” is jumping on board with Satan School programs.

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Foreign Appetite For U.S. Securities Has Taken a Drubbing

It wasn’t supposed to be this way.When the Federal Reserve hiked benchmark rates in December, the initial jump in the short-end of the nominal U.S. yield curve raised expectations that foreign buyers would snap up the country’s assets, thanks to their yield relative to those of other developed markets ravaged by low policy rates.

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