WEB Notes: At least the guy is honest and you know which side he stands on. More than I can say for our elected officials who change their tune depending on their audience. Globalism is where the world is going and has been going for years. Need documentation? Look around. When you buy something in the store where is it from? Anywhere but the US most of the time. Wait, some of the trash we buy says Made in China “with American parts” boy that makes me feel better. How many jobs has this nation lost to other countries for cheaper labor? Countless. Now that this nation has been sucked dry we see millions of illegals entering the nation and being welcome by the government who is more than happy to offer your tax dollars to them in the form of welfare. This nation, the last barrier against globalism is coming down and coming down fast.

Under-fire EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker risked widening divisions with European leaders today by saying borders were the ‘worst invention ever’.

He called for all borders across Europe to be opened, despite the chaos caused over the last year from the flood in refugees fleeing Syria and the wave of terror attacks hitting various continent’s cities.The remarkable comments will further undermine Mr Juncker’s precarious position as European Commission President.

Source: EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker calls for ALL borders to be opened | Daily Mail Online


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