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Date: September 13, 2016

Bible Verse of the Day: 1 Peter 3:8

Bible Verse of the Day

1 Peter 3:8

“Finally, be ye all of one mind, having compassion one of another, love as brethren, be pitiful, be courteous:”

US ‘tests’ Iran’s reaction to spy plane flyby, complains about ‘unprofessional’ shootdown warning

WEB Notes: Look at the media spin. Flip the script here and imagine the tables were turned. Imagine that it was Iran who had flown a spy plane within a mile of US airspace. Can you imagine the media? Every talking head from coast to coast would say we have to do something about those blasted Iranians. Trump and Clinton would be calling for a nuclear attack on Iran while obama fumbles his fingers. Seriously here, imagine if the tables were turned. The US has no right to expect a non-hostile response when they continually post positions around Iran. Look at a map of Iran and you will note the United States literally has the nation of Iran surrounded.

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US Flies Bombers Over S.Korea in Show of Force Against North

WEB Notes: Who is showing force here, the US or North Korea?

‘Well North Korea launched a missile.’

Really? Is that big news for you then? How about the United States that has destroyed nations and families for the last 20 plus years in the middle east? Is that not worth mentioning? Or is that called “fighting for freedom?” What freedoms have you gained since 9/11? Think about it.

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Over 1 million march in Mexico against same-sex ‘marriage’

WEB Notes: It is great to see so many people making a stand for what they believe in. We may lose the fleshly battle, but we will not lose the spiritual one.

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Syria ceasefire begins, Damascus says will last 7 days

The Russian and US-brokered nationwide ceasefire in Syria has come into effect, beginning at 7pm Damascus time (16:00 GMT) on Monday. The Russian Defense Ministry says Moscow and the US will create joint center to define terrorist targets.

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10 biggest corporations make more money than most of world combined

Damascus claims IDF warplane & drone shot down in Syria after attack, Israel denies

An Israeli warplane and a drone have been shot down by Syrian forces in the southern Quneitra countryside, Golan Heights, the Syrian Army said in a statement. It comes after the Israeli military targeted Syrian positions in the Golan Heights.

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Moon’s Birth May Have Vaporized Most of Earth, Study Shows

WEB Notes: Man always wants to set himself up as some great wizard. Yes, the moon was create when a magic rock smashed the earth that we have no idea how it came to be in the first place. I thought we all stopped believing in fairy tales when we were children? Open your Father’s Letter and learn some truth.

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The U.S. military has a huge problem with obesity and it’

WEB Notes: This problem is spread across the entire nation. I am constantly surprised by how many people are very overweight in my daily walk. Many things are to blame. Our day to day activities and the “food” we eat today. How many of the packages can you actually read the labels on? God never intended for us to eat chemicals, but rather rich natural foods.

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Business leaders fighting for TPP vote this year

WEB Notes: Why are business leaders so concerned about passing TPP? It will mean more globalism which means a slimmer waste line for their expenses increasing their profits. Isn’t that a good thing? That is the goal of a business, no doubt about it. But at what cost? We will see more outsourcing and now in-sourcing which means less jobs for our American brothers and sisters. The problem is rarely does a company have any sense of nationalism anymore, they are more concerned about the mighty dollar. But of course they want you to spend your dollars on their products and services.

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Congress Can Save the Internet

President Obama wants this to be the last month of an open, uncensored internet guaranteed by the U.S. government. His plan to end American stewardship would hand new power to authoritarian governments offended by the internet as we know it.

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