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Date: September 22, 2016

6.4 Magnitude Earthquake OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN

Earthquake - San Andreas Fault

Image Courtesy: Wiki Commons – ikluft

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Bible Verse of the Day: Romans 15:7

Bible Verse of the Day

Romans 15:7

“Wherefore receive ye one another, as Christ also received us to the glory of God.”

The War on Reality: How Globalists Occupy Your Mind to Control Everything

Charlotte, N.C. in state of emergency after second night of violence. Victim Beaten and Stripped – Video

WEB Notes: Never before in my life have I seen so much race hatred in this nation. The event that originally started all of this violence was a black officer who shot a black man. Yet in this video below a white man is attacked by a mob of vermin and stripped naked. This is filth and cowardliness by these so called men. When you fight a man you stand toe to toe, one on one. These “men” should be ashamed of themselves for acting like this. You are accountable for you in this life. Do not blame your trials and struggles on someone else especially due to the color of their skin. That is a disgusting cop out. Be a man, be a woman and seek your Father.

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Canadian Pastor Ordered to Allow Gay-Straight Alliances at His Christian Schools

WEB Notes: I do not know what this man teaches, but he is making a stand for our Father and I highly applaud him for that. This is what we all need to do, stand for God even when it is uncomfortable. This is all practice for the Tribulation of Satan when things will truly be uncomfortable to say the least. Stand and stand tall!

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Does quitting social media make you happier? Yes, say young people doing it

WEB Notes: It is okay to leave your phone in your pocket for more than 30 seconds without checking it. In my daily walk it seems like it is getting worse. Every moment someone is staring down at their screens. People do not realize they are chaining themselves down with constant blabber about nothing. Let it be already and have some free thought outside of your digital space to think for yourself and reflect on life, your family and friends.

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New York: It’s no longer safe for the city’s senior citizens to go outside

WEB Notes: What a self centered world we live in where we steal from the elderly to get ahead so we do not have to work. What do you think God has to say about this? How are we to treat the elderly?

Leviticus 19:32
“Thou shalt rise up before the hoary head, and honour the face of the old man, and fear thy God: I am the LORD.”

Rise up, that means stand up for the elderly and show them respect. Remember, one day you too will be an old woman or man.

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US airstrikes on Syrian troops were ‘intentional,’ lasted nearly 1 hour – Assad to AP – Video

Syrian President Bashar Assad says that US airstrikes which killed 62 Syrian government troops were “intentional” and they lasted for an hour. He added that the US “does not have the will” to join Russia in fighting terrorists in Syria. Speaking to the Associated Press in Damascus, the Syrian leader denied that the airstrikes carried out by the US near Deir ez-Zor on September 17 were an accident.

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Sisters Hurt During Protest Felt Targeted Because They Are White

Stockton police are searching for the suspects in a vicious attack that happened on Friday against two teenaged sisters.

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Christians Massacred by Muslim Rebels in Central African Republic

Muslim militants slaughtered 26 civilians in a predominantly Christian village in the Central African Republic on Friday (Sept. 16), the worst violence in the embattled country in months, sources said.

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Jordanian Intelligence stole and sold on black market weapons shipped to Syria rebels by CIA

Weapons shipped into Jordan for Syrian rebels by the Central Intelligence Agency and Saudi Arabia were stolen by Jordanian intelligence operatives and sold to arms merchants on the black market, the New York Times reported, citing American and Jordanian officials.

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Indiana School District Ends Prayer Practice at Kindergarten Graduations Following Atheist Complaint

WEB Notes: A prominent atheist organization? There is nothing prominent about an organizations whose goal is to remove God from the nation. I would not have anything to do with that organization and anyone listening to them and taking their advice is not going to like the punishment our Father will dole out.

The people need to grow a backbone for once and stop cowering down to these “organizations” who write letters. Let them waste their ink and use their paper to start your winter fires.

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